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12 Happies du Jour

So, I have been a little vague when so many of you have asked about our scan results from last week.  We had our appointment on Friday and it wasn't the news we were hoping for so we are gathering our intel and trying to use our team to make the best decision.  To say I am turned upside down would be an understatement, but I have faith in our team and complete faith in God to make this the best it can be, and even better than that!!!  I will share when I understand more and when I can.  I know it is a lot to ask of those of you who are so good and faithful to pray for us, but at this time it is all I can give you.  Thank you for loving on us the way you do. 

We spent the weekend with some good old fashion family time which is always my favorite.  My parents were in town and it was good to just unplug as a family.  One of my favorite things we did was cook together and my Dad and I picked some blueberries from a private farm nearby.  It was a quick visit, but the berries are so amazing and just the quality time was really, really good. 

I love my Daddy. 💙

I have been loving orange everything lately and I have been seeing it everywhere so that's a plus! Orange reminds me of my Florida home, my all time favorite scent of citrus, and the forever chic Hermès label. Shop my favorites down below!

image via

This image has my name all over it. It encompasses all of my favorite patterns into one single fabulous photo. Bring on all the leopard, gingham, and blue and white please!! It inspired me and I found these pants, this pillow, and this pajama set

Kate Spade's new arrivals have me all kinds of happy! I love the bright stripes, the classic pieces like the kelly green dress and super good tweed jacket, and the seashell jewels.

Speaking of Kate, here are my picks from the Frances Valentine new arrivals as well ...

These earrings are too cute and on sale! Oh and so are these!

image via @thepeachtruck Instagram

image via @thepeachtruck Instagram

I recently found this super cute company where you can purchase 13 Georgia Peaches to be delivered fresh to your home! It's called The Peach Truck and they also have a cookbook with all things peach recipes. How fun! As a Georgia girl I highly recommend you try a Georgia peach. So yummy and oh so southern. I love! 

I found these beautiful prayer cards the other day and I find them so sweet. Each card has a verse you can pray over your day. I plan to keep them on my desk and switch them out every once and a while so that way I can mediate on each verse. I also have daily verses sent to me on my phone which are super encouraging as well! 

Y'all have been asking where I found my wicker chargers and unfortunately mine have been sold out. I have picked some for y'all that I think are super fabulous. Recently I found a photo from an outdoor wedding where the guests were given bamboo fans instead of those popsicle stick-card stalk combo ones. I thought it looked so chic so I found some here just in case any of y'all have an outdoor wedding in your future (or you could just buy your own and bring it to you next invite like I'm totally going to do!)  

Have y'all heard of the Screenshop app?? All you do is take a screenshot on your phone from the internet, any social media platform, or from your camera roll and Screenshop will come up with 'shopable' similar or exact matches. How easy and clever is that? I know I will go through like five links to get to where I want to buy a top I found on Pinterest or Instagram. This will make my life much easier but also maybe a little more dangerous since it will be so easy to not only find the exact item I'm looking for, but cute ones similar to it that may call my name. I'm still going to love it regardless!   

Speaking of technology ... y'all have got to follow @markethighlandpark on Instagram. During my trip to Dallas I had a tiny bit of time to walk through a few stores in Highland Park Village and found Market. That store was so stunning and my assistant couldn't get out of there without putting an outfit together just for fun.  The reason you should follow on Instagram is everyday on Stories they put together outfits that are fabulous for outfit inspiration. They carry brands like Alexa Chung, Re/Done, Zimmerman, and Eudon Choi. Too pretty for words. 

My Ashley Brooke book club pick for June has been an actual Hallmark film and we all know that means I'm obsessed!  I have it packed for my trip today, I need to finish it and some time away is the perfect way to make that happen!!

I hope your day is incredible!  Happy Tuesday ... 


  1. I am grateful for your candor and bravery in the face of this dreadful disease. Keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Praying for you and your family. Keep the faith!

  3. Keeping your sweet family in my prayers and sending positive vibes your way!

    Stay strong!

  4. I am sending earnest prayers for peace and strength to you and your sweet family; I am grateful that we live in a country with treatment options and teams of physicians that can collaborate for the best treatment available...blessings to you, Paige!



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