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All The Love For Flag Day

It's Flag Day and I have all things red, white and blue for you today!!  Flag Day celebrates the anniversary of the Flag Resolution which was signed in 1777.  On May 30, 1916 President Woodrow Wilson set aside a day to celebrate the anniversary and President Truman signed an act of Congress proclaiming June 14 would be known as Flag Day.  The American Flag is so special and truly does deserve its own day.  I love displaying our flag hanging to the left side of the entrance to our home.  While today's post does not celebrate the Flag with all the items included, it does allow you to dress the part to celebrate the Flag the way it was meant to be celebrated.  Let us all fly our flags today with pride to be a American. 

Of course I have to mention my favorite blue + white pieces first!!  Have you shopped the fabulous Collaboration Set yet?  It is the most amazing collaboration I have worked on to date and I love it so much.  I adore both Taylor Turner + Elizabeth Wilson and this set is just too good to pass up.  You can either choose the Kate Earrings + EWD Twilly or the Hollis Earrings + EWD Twilly.  I love them both so much and may or may not have worn it in one way or another every day since launch day.  When you truly love something it just must be worn!!  💙  Don't miss out!

Happy Friday!

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