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12 Happies du Jour

You know those magical trips you replay over and over again in your head trying to soak up every single second?  That would our Palm Beach trip.  I can't stop staring at the photos and remembering every single giggle, sight we saw and every delicious bite we ate. It was just that good ... and can I please just go back tomorrow?  Or better yet, let's all just move. 😉 

I had the best weekend, it was so productive in so many ways. Saturday I was up super early and with two cups of coffee down I was marking things off my to do list like my hair was on fire. I took a nap and by the time I laid down I had down so much.  It was pouring down rain and the nap was amazing.  We ate Chinese take out and watched an old movie.  Sunday I finished my to do list, had an amazing quiet time and then watched movies all day and stitched.  I felt amazing.  I fell asleep on Sunday evening feeling on top of my list and so productive after starting my second needlepoint project.  

It is the best day of the week, I have such fabulous things to share ... 

We recently were gifted (yes I said gifted)Duck Donuts here in town. Y'all these donuts are next level. I tried them in Columbia, SC and the line was always out the door. It's a build your own donut place and you can watch them make it fresh right in front of you. They are super unique (think lemon coconut, cinnamon sugar, and maple bacon) and absolutely delicious. I would like to not only share the amazing news to y'all but I would also like to say a public thank you to whomever decided to have Duck Donuts grace us with their presence here in Marietta. 

Do you love Lake Pajamas?  Do you wear them and buy them for yourself and your family?  Today is a great day as they are currently on sale!!  The Summer Sale started yesterday and ends Sunday, July 28.  I have added all my favorites below, but honestly I don't think you can go wrong with any style.  The softest cotton and the best pjs, maybe ever!

image via

Speaking of Marietta, have any of my local readers checked out the Marietta Market yet? It recently opened this year and it is 100% fabulous. There is almost every kind of restaurant in there: pizza, tea, burgers, Korean, ice cream (with bubble waffle cones), a cafe, Thai, tacos, Mediterranean, crepes, and a soon to be smoothie place. It's right behind the Square where you can shop, see a show, head to the museum, or listen to the outdoor concert series

If you think about it, your phone case is your outfit's best friend. As someone who loves to send full length mirror outfit photos to her girls for a quick "okay" the back of the phone will always make the photo. I have chosen some super cute ones today that will go with any outfit in my opinion ...

Do y'all like John Mayer's music? He has his own playlist on my phone that I listen to on repeat. He also has a tour that has just begun and my assistant is heading to one of his shows with some friends from school. She is beside herself with excitement especially because he announced he does not have an opening act for the first time. He wants people to get what they're coming for so he's just singin' and doing two sets. How fun! Here's the playlist if you want to check it out ...

This article of the looks from Wimbledon is giving me all of the inspiration. How fabulous do they all look???

I have been browsing for rattan home decor here and there and this is what I've come up with ...

image via Pinterest

So lately I have been reminded of the charming movie musical South Pacific and it's giving me all the summer feels I love. From the location of the film to the romance to the outfits ... I'm all in. Y'all go watch it. It's like a summer vacation and stay-cation all in one #yesplease!

image via Andrea Kinnear

Dresses and slides have to be this summer's go to look for myself for sure! Y'all there's so many good options out there it was hard to limit my favorites ...

These gingham scrunchies are super duper cute. My daughter wears scrunchies on her wrist or to hold up her messy bun on the daily and I would love to see her sporting these! Oh and speaking of little bit, she would die over these sweat pants. May have to get her the sweat shirt as well ... we all love a matching set! 

Here's some jewels that I'm loving as of late! I love to store mine in tiny china trays or bowls but if you have a little girl or antiques aren't your style, I found this little tray to store your jewels!

There's big news around ... Gossip Girl is coming back to our screens. More super fun details to come on the blog but for right now ... this article reveals some off-the-screen details about the television show which aired some serious 2007-2012 fashion inspiration. Like I said ... more of those details to come;)

Do y'all use these makeup brushes? First of all they feel amazing and second of all they work for all my Beauty counter products. I highly recommend them.

Happy Tuesday!

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