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Blueberry Pie Perfection

Two weeks ago I received a fabulous box from Southern Baked Pie shipping me this gorgeous and incredibly delicious blueberry pie. Even though I knew the box was coming I was over the moon to find it on my doorstep. I have spoken about Amanda's pies before and I am happy to share them many, many times.  Amanda makes an incredible pie complete with an all butter crust.  These delicious works of art are not only incredible, but so beautiful and will make you the belle of the ball for sure when you serve them.

My original plan was to freeze the pie and warm it for this week, but when I removed it from the box I knew it was not going to make it into the freezer.  My parents were in town and blueberry is one of our favorite pie flavors. It took about 30 minutes for my oldest son to spot it and immediately ask when we could cut into it.  I have had a number of Amanda's flavors in the past but this was my first taste of blueberry but it will most definitely not be the last.  Since Southern Baked Pie is a local shop for me I intend to pop over to the shop and grab some additional pies this week.  I have my eye on the Cherry, the Strawberry and the Tomato.  My absolute favorite is the French Coconut Custard so I will do my best to resist snagging a small one, because I will most likely try to eat the whole thing.  They. Are. That. Good.  

Since I don't bake I do my best to create a delicious and beautiful display.  I had some darling red gingham napkins (Homegoods) left over and I paired it with Fourth of July cups + a carafe of milk.  We ate the pie after dinner one day and finished it up for breakfast another.  Yes ... breakfast.  Left over pie is much like coffee cake in my book and is perfect with a glass of milk and a side of coffee.  If you haven't tried it I highly recommend you give it a test.  It is really, really good.

My favorite thing about Amanda's pies is the all butter crust.  If you are having pie I think the all butter crust just makes it so much more decadent. The first time I tasted a Southern Baked Pie was at The Southern C and I have to admit I had the same sample twice.  They were sampling the Bourbon Pecan and it was delicious.  I gobbled it up, asked for a second sample (yes, shameless) and ate that one as well knowing it would not be the last time I visited.  The all butter crust creates a buttery, flaky and truly amazing beginning to both sweet + savory pies like no other. 

If you are a local you can purchase Amanda's pies in Atlanta, Vinings, Alpharetta and Gainesville at one of their locations. There are also a number of retailers that carry the pies and they are listed on the website for you. They receive stock quite often so call and see what they have in stock. If you would like to order a pie to be shipped make sure you get on the website today to make sure it is delivered to you for the weekend.  They only ship Monday to Wednesday and you can choose your shipping date before you place your order to make sure it will arrive when you want it.

Isn't it just so pretty?

I had to quickly snag the photo below as the pie was being served.  Before I even was able to ask if they wanted it warmed with a scoop of ice cream it was gone.

 But, isn't that what a perfect dessert is supposed to do ... disappear? 

Have the best Monday ... and happy July!! 💙


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