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Red, White + Gingham, Yes Please!

We had the best day yesterday.  💙🎇 The funny thing about our cancer journey is that I have learned to set aside my expectations for something so much better and every single time I am met with this decision I have found the something better is always better. For years we had the same plans ... Marietta Square parade with donuts + pool with sandwiches + grilling with friends + Fireworks.  Last year we did all but the parade and this year we did none of the plan.  But ... it was still good, like really good and ended up perfect.  This is the second holiday we have been able to be just the five of us and the laughter at the table is by far my favorite part.

The Hubs decided he wanted to grill burgers + corn, so that he did.  I set the table using everything we had with the exception of an oil cloth table cloth I got while I was grabbing ice cream starter.  It was at the register in the basket and something about that gingham just said I needed that $15 cloth.  Isn't it so cute?  I think it would be perfect for labor day or any outdoor table or ideal for a lake house.

Since I was only responsible for setting the table ... and mixing up the berries, I gathered up all my red, white and blue.  I love setting the table and went a little extra, but it was so much fun.  The TV was on in the background with National Treasure and I was all in a very patriotic head space.  (BTW, is there a better movie to marathon if your July Fourth is rainy?)

I had already shopped for flowers earlier in the week and used the red roses + white hydrangeas I already had in my monogram mint julep cups and woven vases.  I added a few flags to both the flowers and some ginger jars and was done with flowers.  I had cut up strawberries and blueberries for breakfast and decided to use the left over for dinner.  Some time between lunch and dinner my girl ate every single strawberry so it was just blueberries left for dinner.  I still think it is so pretty ... silly girl. 🙄

Our dinner was simple, but oh so good.  Burgers, fresh white corn, blueberries, potato salad, macaroni salad and chips.  Since I am not a burger girl mine was veggies and sides ... just the way I love it. 

I have been drinking the heck out of this recipe for cocktails since my trip to Dallas.  Even my oldest who doesn't like wine of any kind enjoyed it.  He said I made wine tolerable.  Oh ... silly, silly boy. I think it is so refreshing and light and is perfect with strawberries and lemons sliced in the container.  Since we were out of strawberries, I just added extra mint.

I hope your day was perfect, surrounded by all those you love and adore as we celebrated the birth of our amazing country. We are still in the celebrating state of mind.  You will see more UNO playing and sparklers on repeat for us all weekend.

Happy Friday! 


  1. I think I may have missed it, but can you share the recipe for the wine cocktail you were drinking? Sounds yummy!!



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