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12 Happies du Jour

We made it through the first two weeks after surgery!!!!!!  I am saying this with extra exclamation marks because I can share with you that that the road has been a bumpy one.  Of course the first few days after surgery are a blur and then he prepped to come home, then a complication, then we prepped again to come home and then he was released.  We all did the happy dance and I thought the road would be so much better once he got home. The first two days we both shed some serious tears.  He was in pain and oh so weak and I was so tired and feeling so inadequate as his caregiver and the grace was flowing constantly from both of us.  I think his mind was more ready than his body was to be discharged on day 8 and I thought about taking him back more than once that first 24 hours.  I have so much respect for nurses ... they all need raises and bonuses ASAP.  We are so lucky to have a nurse as a dear and precious friend who came to check on us and help us with a routine and make some amazing suggestions.  Between her, my best friends and their encouraging messages, my parents and a surgeon on speed dial they carried us when we couldn't do it on our own.  They were most definitely the hands and feet of Jesus. It has been rough but we are FIGHTERS.  Thank you so much for every message, DM and prayer.  It is so surreal to feel the days lighter than they should be and knowing we are being lifted in love.  ❤

Friday things changed pretty quickly and he went from just being weak to being very sick.  Saturday we went to the ER for some fluids and an evaluation and quickly found ourselves being readmitted with a more serious issue.  One of his new junctures has a leak and was leaking fluid into his gut.  Not good and not the news we had wanted to hear.  He is currently back on the magical surgical floor with medicines healing once again and we hope to be back home soon.  I have learned a lot during this journey and our expectations are the first things we need to reevaluate.  We both had a mental plan for what recovery would look like and both of us were wrong.  This isn't the first time my expectations have gotten in the way of me and I think it is time to truly start praying hard to start setting expectations aside for His will over my own ideas.

I. Love. This. Man. I am proud to walk beside him as he navigates this journey.

This is the only post I am writing in real time, I guess I just forgot to write this one.  It feels good to sit at my computer and focus on something fun.  I am very grateful for the privilege of writing.  I found some fabulous happies for you today ... I hope you love!

It is hot in Atlanta, hotter than it has been in weeks.  The last thing I want to think about is cold weather clothes, but yet I still love to look at them.  I found some darling new things at my favorite shop.  I loved this article about how to wear fall clothes Now and then again Later.  I also picked my favorites for you ... and for me to drool over!

While I have been spending my days at the hospital I lived in these super soft sweatshirts and leggings.  It was so cold and the sweatshirt was so very cozy.  My sweet manager friend helped me snag them quickly when we were in between pre op appointments and I was so very thankful. I can tell you they may be the softest sweatshirt I own. 

My favorite sneaks are available in plaid.  Are you kidding me?  Of course I bought them!

I just saw that Jack Rogers is having a fabulous sale ... so many cute styles in the sale section. 

In Style Magazine says these are the best nail colors for fall.  Do you do a fun nail color?  I seem to stick with either OPI Funny Bunny or a pale pink so the Dior Camel is definitely calling to me.  I also really like Birthday Suit from Sally Hansen.

I am really not sure about this idea at all. Pickles in the middle?  I think that is a hard pass for me!

I have been really loving a top knot headband recently and I am wearing them more and more.  I spotted one of my favorite small companies is now carrying them and I think they are so cute.  I love that each one of them is handmade by her mother and that just makes the darling prints so much cuter don't you think?

I found some really fun facts about Labor Day to share with you. 

This launch in 2015 was epic!!  It is coming back for a second round ... and I can tell you this, I will be shopping!!  I will not be making it another 4:30 am stake out with a group of friends, but I will be shopping online for sure!

Barrington Gifts released their new prints for fall ... how did this post become a chat about fall? ... and the Pink Watch Plaid is so fabulous!!  I see a new piece being added to my collection this year.  They also just released two new pieces, a hanging Toiletry Kit and a Game Day bag.

Obviously sleep and being well hydrated has been really hard lately.  I find it really hard to drink all the water I should while spending my time with someone who isn't even allowed to sip water but I am trying my best to take it all in.  I will say I am thrilled at how well my skin is looking even though I am not doing all I can for it with the water.  I knew the new line from Beautycounter was good, but I did not know it would change my skin as much as it has as quickly as it has.  I love it all, it smells like heaven and feels so good to start and end my days with really good skin care.  I highly recommend you give it a try, I have been so very happy with the routine and even happier with my skin.  I can't wait to see what happens when I am perfectly hydrated.

Also, I finally took the plunge and ordered this mug that my friend Ashley has been raving about.  I had watch her use it for almost a year and when I was home my first night after Lawyer had surgery I noticed I kept leaving my coffee cup where I could not find it.  I immediately ordered the mug and when I had my first cup of hot coffee from the first sip to the last I was hooked.  I have had it for over a week now and I miss it when I spend the night at the hospital.  It keeps your coffee at a consistent temperature and makes every single sip perfect.  After drinking a good cup of coffee that I can enjoy all the way to the last sip I have actually had less cups, which is a great thing.  Trust me, you want one of these mugs.  I purchased the white 10oz. but I think the larger one would have been a good call as well.

I hope your day is spectacular!!


  1. Your family has been in my thoughts. Your positive attitude will be a big help to your husband's recovery.

  2. Praying for your family and your husband's complete recovery.

  3. I have been praying for a speedy recovery ! glad to see this news!

  4. Sending my continued prayers and support yo your family.

  5. You are in my thought's and prayers.

  6. During one of our many hospital stays with my daughter, I was comforted by a “veteran” hospital mom that healing is “not a straight incline but a series of jagged small steps in an upward direction.” It helps me so much to just focus on right now/today...take each hour/minute/second as it comes and trust our wonderful God. Blessings ♥️

  7. I am continuing the prayers for both you and your sweet husband. Hang in there honey!

  8. God give the health to your husband as soon as possible and you enjoy your life again and which is the say Doctor please apply this 1st.



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