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All The Books

I mentioned yesterday about my renewed interest in reading.  As a child I read nonstop and the older I get the less I seem to read.  I realized that I was spending more time watching tv at night then I wanted to when I could be reading.  My friend Ashley started a book club in January and I immediately signed up and ordered my first book.  I read it in less than a week and then was ready for another book so I picked out a new one and finished that one, again, in less than a week. Four books later the passion for reading was back and I was thrilled.

I have now read about a dozen books in the last seven months.  I have piled up the ones I have read and seeing the pile makes me feel so accomplished to see it.  Reading was the first thing I started to help with anxiety this year and it has made a huge difference.  I originally wondered how I would fit reading into my schedule and then realized that if I took it with me everywhere I would read vs. pulling out my phone when I had a few minutes.  It is amazing how much you can read when you don't pull out your phone for surfing mindlessly.

This book was one of my favorite of Ashley's choices, though each one of them has been so good. She does such a good job choosing her books if you are looking to join a book club or for a great book recommendation.  On a bonus the covers of the books she chooses are really cute, which makes a great compilation on the shelves in my office.

I am also a new subscriber to Audible, but so far I really love it.  My daughter and I bought Air Pods together this summer and have been sharing them and I enjoying driving home from the beach listening to a book.  It made the ride go by so much faster than normal.  Of course, nothing replaces actually sitting with my girl a pair of my favorite pjs and reading a book.  I am such a book snob, and really love holding one.

All of the books linked here are great, and all part of Ashley's book club.  You can read up on her blog or follow along on her book Instagram for more great recommendations.  Every single book she has told me about I have loved, she really has great taste!

Have the best Friday!

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