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The Best Robe

Anyone else love a good robe?  For me a robe is ideal for right after a shower and towel off when you need something while you get ready.  I prefer to get ready in a robe instead of my clothes and then get dressed when I am all done with hair and makeup.  I think the idea of dressing last is something that was passed to me by my mother and I just stuck with it.  I also notice I grab a robe for first thing in the morning when I am letting the puppies out and I need a little something if I chose to sleep in a comfy white tee and pajama pants.   I was surprised a few weeks ago with a package from my favorite towel company and found a darling short sleeve robe inside.  Weezie Towels makes robes?  The answer to that question would be ... yes, yes they do!

I do not even know where to start with the description of this robe.  I will say if you own Weezie Towels than you know how excited I was to find out they make robes.   It was a surprise package from one of my favorite brands and I tore into it so fast.  Of course it was packaged in the best way with all of their darling branded details but the best part, of course, was the softness and short sleeves. I put it on immediately and knew it would be my new favorite accessory and was not wrong even by a tiny bit.

My is trimmed in white and monogrammed in green but the options are many.  You can either choose short or long sleeves and white, light blue or navy trim.  The monogram options are also vast and you may choose a monogram, name or something special you wish to add.  I love the idea of having two in a guest bathroom with the word guest added or how darling would they be with bride as the monogram?

Millie is trained so well, we got so lucky, and she will wander the front yard in the morning with me at the door enjoying my coffee.  So there I stand, enjoying the first sips of the day in my cozy, soft robe waiting for her.  The robe came with my name on the left chest in green and I think it could not be more adorable.  Sometimes robes can be heavy or bulky making them hot but this one is the softest terry and yet so easy and breezy to wear.

Can you tell I really love it?

I have found you a perfect gift for yourself, your mother, your sister or your bridal party ... Weezie Robes.  I think they are darling both on and hung up as this one spends the time I am not wearing it on the hook in my bathroom where the monogram gets to show off.

If you are a robe girl like I am ... this robe is so perfect for you.  It also comes in long sleeves if that is more your speed and you can personalize it with any choice of monogram style and color.  I already have made part of my holiday list more simple picking out both styles for the ladies on my list.  And teenage girls or college girls, this would be perfect for them as well.

I hope your day is amazing ... and here's to more robe wearing hours in every single day!  🎉🎉

Images by Angie Webb Creative

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