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The Jenna Lyons Edit

One of my favorite things about working with Anna Grace all summer is her fabulous ideas.  One day she pitched me a series of blog posts featuring fashion icons she really loved.  I immediately said yes, and then told her they were her's to write.  I remember the first time I told AG to write a blog post, she was nervous and excited and basically unsure but she delivered a great post.  Four years later she is strong in her ideas, strong in her writing skills and has four different blog posts to share with you.  For the next four Wednesdays the content is her amazing idea, her research, and her words.  All her and I am so impressed and proud of my girl.  She rocks!!

Y'all know that J.Crew is Paige's all time favorite store. It is 100% one of mine now thanks to working for Paige for four years. When the creative director Jenna Lyons left J.Crew in 2017 I may have mourned for a few days. Her vision for the company was stunning and witty. I mean her pattern play is next level! My mourning quickly ended because J.Crew is just a fabulous as ever today, but I wanted to highlight one of my style icons. Her style staples would have to be her iconic sleeve roll, her chunky rimmed glasses, her serious pattern play skills, and her red lip. There is something about her tomboyish yet 100% feminine look that is truly imitation worthy. 

She released the news late 2018 that she was coming out with a lifestyle line and I may have cried happy tears. It is rumored to come out in 2019 and oh boy am I trying to wait patiently. In the mean time, here is some serious Jenna Lyons love all from my Pinterest board "lyons love" ...

I remember when this set was launched fall of 2016 and I was all over it. It's just too good.

Ha! This one makes me laugh. I mean that gingham coordinating with her son is hilarious though ...

Not only is her fashion taste impeccable but her interiors taste is also one that many have copied. Can she do it all? I believe she can. Another reason I am thrilled for her lifestyle brand! Above is a photo taken in her new apartment's hallway. 


The three above are from her old, Brooklyn Brownstone apartment. The following are from her new space in the SoHo cast-iron building. Her new den has to be my favorite room. 



Is anyone else obsessed with her? One more time ... I cannot wait for her own brand to come out!! If y'all have heard anything more about it let me know in the comments please! You can shop a Jenna inspired look below! 


  1. Love this post!! I too am OBSESSED with Jenna Lyons!! I literally re looked at old fashion week edits from when JCrew walked fashion week just last week and got re inspired for fall!! Gosh I wish we could go back to those JCrew days. Still a fan but mourn their loss weekly. Can’t wait to see her home line!! Woot!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yes yes yes I'm here for this Jenna dedication!! I'll make sure to keep y'all up to date when I hear anything on the new line :)



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