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12 Happies du Jour

HI!!!  It's me, writing in real time and feeling good about it.  I needed a break from writing, thinking about the blog and worrying about anything other than what was happening right in front of me.  At many times I have wanted to just walk away for good but every single time someone (usually someone the medical field) has told me no and reminded me that an outlet is good for stress and anxiety.  This time was no different and last weekend I was ready to pull out my laptop at the hospital and write while he was sleeping.  Writing for me is so relaxing, and a few minutes into the post I felt like things were normal, even for just a few.  I don't know what kind of schedule I will keep while he is still recovering, but we shall see.  I am putting no pressure on myself and letting it flow when I am ready.  It feels good to be doing something "normal" and I am taking it one step at a time.

So to update you on his status ... today is the one month mark since surgery.  And, he is still in the hospital.  It is a little hard to process but after everything that transpired this weekend we are both perfectly alright that we are still here.  Since the average stay on the floor we are on is 4 days you can imagine the relationships we have built with our nurse and our surgeon.  They take the best care of him and when they are home they are praying for his recovery.  I can't tell you what it feels like to be carried the way that we are.  There are so many frustrating and low moments and just to have the care we have is to feel the literal hands of God on him.  I shared that he was rushed to ICU a week ago Saturday and although they were able to stabilize him they were not able to repair the bleed.  They waited it out and replaced the blood he lost.  It was hard but we trusted.  Mid week we did a second scan to find the bleed was stable and waited until his numbers started to show the news, which they did on Saturday.  Funny enough it was the same day he started with severe nausea and vomiting yet again. On Sunday afternoon the bleed began again and this time the intervention radiology team was able to find it, fix the pseudo aneurysm and even coil the vein feeding the bleed, all while retaining good blow flow to his liver which was the original concern.  At this point we feel the miracles ... we are watching them and we are more than ok with waiting for him to be so much better before we leave. 

God is a writer of miracles and we are living ours.  ❤

Speaking of miracles ... you must follow Lindsay Letters.  Her daughter is walking through a terrible storm and they are truly in the midst of the best miracle.  I read today's update with my coffee in the hospital lobby for some quiet time.  It is so heartbreaking to watch their story and yet so beautiful to watch the miracle happening.  You must join in!! 

Anyone else absolutely dying that the Downton Abbey movie is so close to opening day??  I can't wait and all the previews are so good.  I spotted this article on where the series left off and found it so good, honestly there were a few things I completely forgot so it was good to catch up.  I have thought about rewatching the last season before the movie, then I would be watching it what felt like real time.  I see that happening for sure.

Time is marching on ... how can this little one be old enough to start school??

My girl just told me about these bracelets.  Does it get any better?  I know what she will be getting in a few weeks for a birthday gift.  ps ... how can my sweet tiny be almost 15?

I have been saying this for a few weeks, but it needs to be said again ... headbands are huge!!  This article points out some darling ones and I have tagged my favorites below.  I am loving the trend ... and a headband is perfect for a day your hair is down and again on a day where you have pulled it back.

I know I am not the only one struggling with the Hurricane watch.  So much devastation and this storm is still reeking havoc.  I noticed this morning that my sweet friend Leslie is making a difference with some darling mugs she designed with all sale proceeds going to the people on Elbow Cay.  It is a darling mug and she has connections to get the money and resources right where it needs to go.   You can order yours here!  

In addition the girls of Palm Beach Lately have shared a link for Green Turtle Club which created a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the locals of Green Turtle Cay.  They also have drop off locations in Florida to send supplies.  Things like these make me feel so much better when I feel so very helpless. 

I have to share this darling shop with you!! It belongs to one of our Charge nurses who is just precious and makes the most precious gifts.  She made me a water bottle for my anniversary last week and gifted me a tee shirt this morning which made me cry.  The tee shirt is so soft and fabulous and her work is incredible.  I highly recommend you order from her. 

I just noticed that J.Crew extended its Labor Day Sale another day in case you missed the chance to order before.  I ordered this dress, both in stripes and pink, this sweatshirt in a third color, and this top.  I added all my favorites below. 

This blog post is so good.  I have been waiting for more photos and details of sweet Mignonne's birthday party for weeks.  All the goodness is finally in one place and you will love reading all about it!   Can we discuss the incredible details Caroline included?  I just adore her so very much!

photo via Andrea Kinnear Photography

And these stir sticks are favorites for sure!!  I just ordered some new ones for celebrating once we bust out of the hospital and are home again.  It will be celebrations 24/7 for sure.  You should order some for some great everyday celebrating of your own!!  🎉

Have the best day ... I hope you are safe if you are in the path of the storm.  You most definitely have my prayers for safety!!!

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