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Home Sweet Home

I can't believe I actually get to type those words, but yes we are home and have been since last Saturday late afternoon.  Even though the medical team had been talking about it for days before the moment that our surgeon said today is the day it was incredibly unreal.  We have spent the last week just trying to set a routine, get him stronger, sleep, relax, soak up our family, and try to settle into a new normal.  I can tell you sitting here a week later and it doesn't feel any more normal, but we are taking it one step at a time. 

There is so much to share about our last two months (nine weeks actually) and I will put that post together as soon as I can.  He has been through so much, we all have, and there is a lot of emotion to unpack.  The biggest ones we all feel are thankfulness, gratitude and overwhelming unbelief at all that happened.  There is so much goodness I get to share with you and a lot of trauma which I will only share a bit of.  The truth of the matter is he is living a miracle ... thank you precious Jesus.  His journey is far from over and when he is strong enough he will begin chemo again to keep the cancer from returning.  We can not claim he is cancer free just yet, but we can claim his healing and that he is 100% tumor free. I can not tell you how incredible those words are. 

I cry a lot.  A lot of happy tears, a lot of disbelief tears, a number of fearful ones and a lot of healing ones.  We made it through that time with so much prayer, completely leaning on Jesus and our family and closest of friends and we will be forever changed.  I shared a week or so ago that I felt so much like Humpty Dumpty ... my head and heart completely shattered and the way Jesus puts them back together will make me very, very different.  I am 100% on board for anything He creates in me.  The blog will be different, but it always is when I grow and change.  Some things will be the same and some will be very different and I will figure that out along the way. 

Sitting on my porch while he naps this morning with great music, the feels of fall and my precious Millie girl cuddled up next to me.  You could almost feel the relief in her when we all walked in the door last weekend.  All of the kids + my parents were with us when we came home and it was the best feeling walking in the door to her.  She was over the moon to see all of us.  I don't ever want to forget those first few hours. The TV was on in the den with the Florida game, the boys were chatting, my dad poured both of us a bourbon at sunset and we all just soaked up a good meal and the blessings.  It was perfect.

I hope your weekend is magical.  I am piddling in the house with some fall touches, I even baked some pumpkin muffins (who am I?), and just relaxing.  If our new normal is all day celebrating the goodness of God then I am all here for it all day long.

Happy Saturday! 🧡


  1. Praise Jesus! Bourbon on the back porch seems so right!

  2. Thank the Lord! I am so happy to read this news. Your family is in my prayers.

  3. I am so happy that your lovely man is back home and getting stronger. I am also so pleased that you are taking care of yourself. After I spent two years caring for my mother and MIL in their final illnesses (and my now former husband just had to have heart surgery in the middle of all of this!), I took a trip to New Orleans by myself and loved it! NO has great book stores, fabulous food, lots of antique shopping, etc. Best thing I ever did - I came back feeling so much better. I hope you can take the time to do something like that - and on your own. Lots of time for reflection and thankfulness for the lessons I learned. The Virgin Mother travels with me!

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