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My Travel Style

So I think I may have told you before, but if I didn't share let me do so now.  I am an earlier packer.  Every single time I travel I pack at least a week in advance.  I start pulling clothes I want to take, make sure my laundry is done so I have all the options and then decide what, if anything, I need to buy.  I don't know when the early packing started ... maybe when the kids were tiny ... but it stuck and now it is just my favorite way to do it.  I used to do laundry for them and then pull all the things I wanted to pack into a clean laundry basket so I would not have to clean it again before the trip.  Traveling with three littles was always a challenge but I found a system that worked and stuck with it.  Now that it is just me I need to pack for I think I do it because I love it.  It reduces so much stress for me and then also helps me think of things I need to do and gather way before I need them.  I can promise you if I am traveling at any time I will have started packing at least one week in advance.

Every single time.  And I love it so ... 

There are a couple of tips I can share to help make your packing maybe a little easier.  First of all I use a rolling rack to hang the clothes I know I want to take.  If they are already folded then I set them on the shelf on the rack.  My rolling rack has two shelves so I have one for folded items and then another for shoes below it.  I can add bags to the shelves as well and jewelry in pouches to hang on the hanger for the outfit I intend to wear them with, it is so easy.  I can also label the outfits with tags for trips like the one next week where I will be changing twice a day plus taking photos in my pajamas (content ready always 😉).  This way I know that I am not wearing the same color or anything like it in the same day. This trip next week I am actually taking one dress in two different colors but one is to be worn casually on the way home and the other more dressed up for dinner.  Since it is a five day trip it works, but I have to put some thought into it.

This is the first trip I own a hanging bag and I am really excited to use it.  I normally just fold my hanging clothes and then have to steam or iron them but this trip they will be packed perfectly in this darling hanging bag.  It holds quite a bit so it will be perfect and then my clothes will go straight from the bag to the closet, a complete win, win.  I am not even planning to pack a steamer and the excitement in me might be as good as that bag is cute.

I mean, it's soooo cute!

Another great thing that works for me is to keep my toiletries packed at all times.  I have purchased travel sizes of the items I use every single day and keep them packed in their bag.  When I am running low on something I just place an order and I have another ready to go when the one I am using is empty.  My makeup is another thing completely and that does not get packed until the morning of after I get ready for the day.  As I use something I pack it.  Easy peasy really and then I know what I really need to take with me instead of packing way too much. This is the newest bag I am using and I think I love it the best out of all the ones I have had in the past.  The one I have linked is showing a black interior and mine is a pale pink. The style is exactly the same one.

In one side I have all of my skin care and hair essentials and the other side holds my makeup, travel toothbrush + toothpaste, deodorant, and my brush.  This bag is really so roomy and holds so much as you can see.  If I fly I can quickly move my liquids to this bag and add it to the mix really quickly. This bag is another great option for flying.

A rolling rack, packing ahead of time + keeping my essentials packed at all times really cuts down on my stress.  Plus when you are super excited about a trip you can get excited in advance.  I also find that packing ahead of time helps me to pack less than I would if I did it at the last minute and threw way too much into the bag.  This way I get to plan my clothes and fine tune it all before it hits the bags and the car.

I am almost ready to leave next week for Summit and I am super excited to attend this year!  It may be the best year yet.  Does anyone volunteer to let Millie know she isn't going?  She will be so very sad.

Happy Wednesday ... ps, how did it get to the middle of the week so quickly?

Images by Angie Webb Creative

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