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Glossier In Atlanta

A few weeks ago I received an email with some exciting news ... Glossier was coming to Atlanta.  I was introduced to Glossier by a fellow blogger two summers ago when she was talking about the orange blossom products.   As soon as this Florida girl heard the words orange + blossom I ordered them and have loved them since.  I own both the Daily Oil Wash and Daily Perfecting Cream and I use them daily in the shower and immediately after.  I love the scent and they leave my skin looking refreshed and moisturized in this crazy winter season we are in.  Plus ... having that amazing orange blossom scent in the bathroom almost eliminates the grey days outside.

Trench || Jeans (so amazing) || White Shirt || Glasses || Shoes (sold out, similar)

So imagine my excitement when the email came and I went down the rabbit hole of the news.  This new location is a pop up which will be at Ponce City Market until April 26, but I am sure I am not the only one who is secretly hoping it lasts a whole lot longer.  Glossier sent a happy box of fabulous products for me to try and immediately upon its arrival I was trying all sorts of goodness.  I find it so funny since not only three years ago I would have told you that beauty products were not the way to my heart and here I am diving into a package of goodies like it was a box of antiques or new shoes, I unwrapped it all and immediately tried on everything and made a list of things I wanted to try in the store.

It was a terrible downpour when I left for Ponce, but it did lessen before we arrived.  I will tell you walking into the all pink store was a wonderful change from the grey wet outside.  The music was amazing, the store smelled and looked like a little piece of heaven, and the sales team was incredible.

I tried all the things, literally every single product in the store and the darling girl helping me was amazing.  We went room to room and she told me about every single item and then I tried them.  I think with beauty items you have to touch them, use them, and try them out to really decide what they will be like at home.  I did just that and even a few I was sure I would not want at all.  I used them, put them on and instantly felt silly with my initial thoughts.  Just as I was sure I was ready to go I meet Tamela who introduces me to Brow Flick + Boy Brow along with three colors of Colorslide.  I walked out with fantastic brows + three colors of eye liner on and loved it all.

Ok, add those to the cart as well. 

The store is beautiful and was designed by Glossier as a homage to Atlanta's vibrant music history.  According to the press release ... “With elevated design details that draw inspiration from recording studios and the world of music, the space invites visitors to get to know Glossier in real life through a communal shopping experience."  The walls are filled with large pink amps, the feel is a large recording studio with images that represent album covers.  It is truly an experience you must try and the combination of the music experience plus all of the products you see online will leave you an extra pep in your step as you leave.

Plus ... any time spent at Ponce City Market is always a good one for me.

So, the big question ... what did I buy?  So much I am dying to try.  I immediately started yesterday with this mask duo (it felt like I just left the spa all day) and then I wore Bubble Wrap + Brow Flick +
Lash Stick all day while working at home.  At this moment I have loved every single thing I tried and the pink containers are just making it all even better.  You know I am a sucker for all things pink!

I linked every single thing I purchased below ... I can recommend every single one of them.

Have the best Thursday!

Images taken by me + provided by Glossier

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