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Shopping For All The Pink!

Pink ... its just my signature color.  It makes me happy, gives me life and I think every single thing just is prettier in pink.  Since we are three days into my very favorite month I am most definitely wearing all the pink ... on repeat ... and I love it so.  I am telling you, it is just the best color in the wheel.  There is something so happy about all things pink ... I think the simpleness of the color + its pureness + the feminine side.  It is just sooo very pretty. 💗


Since I am wearing and using all my pink items I thought it would be so fun to gather all the pink items for you today.  As in ... all the pink please + thank you!  I found all the fun things from cute pink earrings all the way to your feet with darling shoes.

So I say ... let's wear all the pink this month.  All day, every day.  Who is with me?  I have the cutest things for you to add to your life ... I love them all!

Have the best day!

Images by Angie Webb Photo

1 comment:

  1. I literally said that yesterday! Wear pink all month! I have your joules boots and am going to change the ribbon. So cute. Love you! Hope you have a great one! xoxo



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