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In The Meantime ...

Anyone thinking that a lot right now?  I find myself saying it a lot.  As in ... I need to have the dutch door ordered and cut ... but in the meantime I will clean out the laundry room. And also ... I can't wait to have friends over on the deck ... in the meantime I will sort and clean out the bar area.  Yep, I say it a lot every single day.

This is a strange, unprecedented time and for a lot of reasons pretty scary.  It has been pushing all of my PTSD buttons and most of the day you will find me with air pods in listening to happy music, staying away from the news, needle pointing and sneaking in a nap.  And that is all healthy for me.  As much as this time has been really interesting and more than slightly nerve wracking it has also been so incredibly sweet.  When else am I going to be able to stop time and just soak in my family.  I love that we are here together all day and they are home doing school.  It would not work long term for our family but I intend to soak it all up, every single second of it.

What are you doing in the meantime?

For me I have made about six very long lists.  I have been going room to room and taking stock.  What needs to be done and what would I like to do long term? I have a huge pile of things to donate, to sell, and others to be managed.  There is never going to be a more perfect time to take stock of our home than right now when we are "stuck" in it.  I plan to have a sale ... an in part estate, part styling sale where I need to whittle down what I really love and what I am ready to let go.  I have way too many things in the basement and in the work room and it is time to purge.

I am also taking on a small project tomorrow.  Our basement stairs have been ignored forever and it is time to make that way better.  I have lights I have owned since December along with a can of paint and a pile of things to hang and it is the perfect time for a small, can finish easily project.  Stay tuned for that tomorrow. 

I also plan on spending a ton of time outside this weekend.  I will be on the porch with my needlepoint project, setting a table to eat alfresco and pulling out our fire pit to sit outside and watch the sunset.  I need some serious vitamin D and I think it will be super relaxing. 

Like I said this time for all of us might be the hardest time we have walked ... but I am 100% sure we will weather this storm, be better for it and stronger than ever. 

Love to you all! 💗


  1. Paige,
    Thank you for continuing to post each day. We are "seniors", self-isolating in our home far away from adult children, grandchildren, and friends we miss so much! Thankfully, we have internet, books, needlepoint, and a large yard to enjoy. My husband asks each morning, "Have you read 'The Pink Clutch'? 'I saw you smile, so it must have been enjoyable.'"

  2. Paige, you are a ray of sunshine. Thankful for your posts.



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