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Celebrate Summer

Can you even believe it?  I swear it was the first day of spring just a week or so ago. The weather this spring in Georgia was sooo good I never wanted it to end.  It has been so mild and so perfect ... and the ideal time to be outside.  As the temperatures get warmer (last week was HOT!) I am still spending so much time outside ... more than I have before.  The times are slower ... the days are more precious.  I think this may be the sweetest summer we have had in years and I can't wait for each and every day. 

At the beginning of summer I always invest in a few new beach towels for our stash.  Some get retired (donated) and some are just ready for the junk towel piles after years of washing and use.  I love a good stash of towels ready to be pulled from to head outside and to the pool. This year I chose two new towels from Serena & Lily's collection and I think they may be my favorites of those I own.  They are huge and thick and ideal for the pool, the beach, the lake ... and so much more!  

I chose the Mallorca beach towel in canary yellow and white stripes.  The color is amazing and so bright and happy.  I love anything striped ... I think stripes are classic and always perfect.  The towels are constructed of Turkish cotton and are large in size.  The hand knotted fringe detail on the ends just makes them even more fabulous ... and gives them the look of a large Turkish blanket.  I am here for it, they are just so very pretty.  

So ... you have these stunning beach towels, what else can you do with them?

Here are the ways I have been using my towels, they are so much prettier and the size is great for many uses beyond just taking them to the beach, pool, and the lake.  I looked at them when they arrived and knew immediately they would be perfect as a summer blanket of sorts and starting thinking about ways to use them beyond just the pool.  I have loved each and every way so far and will be using them so much all summer long.  

They are perfect for laying on the grass to read, old school as I did as a child.  Lay out your towel, stretch out and relax. I love the round one for that exact purpose!

They are perfect for a picnic on that same grass ... just throw them in the wash when you spill something on them.  Picnic for happy hour ... yes please.  I would use this tray + these cute whale spreaders. 

They are darling laying on my hammock while I read or needlepoint.  I love looking down and seeing those beautiful yellow stripes. When I spill my snack on the towel I do not have to spot clean the hammock.  Win, win. 

They are so pretty laid over our porch love seats for Millie to lay on.  I love the mix of the yellow + french blue of our cushions.  How cute would they be laid over this gingham teak beach chair??

I laid one on the porch dining table as a table cloth and loved the fringe hanging over the edge. Our table is so large so I used two of them and laid them down horizontally.  Those tables can get warm and the towels are perfect to wash after the meal.  

As sports are beginning to start again ... they are ideal for laying on bleachers to watch your child play baseball, at swim team, or lacrosse.  It will keep the germs of the bleachers at bay and keep your tushy from getting too hot. 

We have the national park near us ... I think they are perfect to carry over your shoulder and lay it down and read or take a dip in the river and then dry off. 

Are you minds spinning with ideas for your summer bucket list ... I know mine is!  

Have the best Friday ... 

This post was sponsored by Serena & Lily, as always the ideas, thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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