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Organized Bar

We have a wet bar area off the kitchen and open to the den.  Since our home was built in the 80s it is a normal thing to have this wet bar area where your guests would be gathering in the den and walk up to the bar to serve themselves or be served by you.  When we first bought our home I wondered if we would keep the space as it was, and with some upgrades, we have done just that.  A number of years ago I added wallpaper, we have since painted our den white, I added some fun lights and a mirror and also played with styling the glass shelves.  I would still love to replace that silly sink with a beautiful brass one I own and trade out the counter top ... but that is a project for another day.  I have a long list of these little to dos!

With all the time at home during the last three plus months I have done my best to clean out some areas that needed my love and attention.  I have purged a ton, cleaned spaces I forgot I had and organized so many more.  One of the things I have focused on is gathering all of my vintage and antique glasses and dishes in the kitchen and dining room and not store in the basement work room.  That room is a disaster ... and houses way too many things.  I do not need or want all of the items in that room and slowly I  am tackling it.  It used to be so very organized and then it just wasn't.  I am sad every time I open the door and see that mess. 

Yesterday on stories I shared a quick before and after of the cabinets in this bar area.  The counter top is on top of two drawers and four doors of storage.  It is hard to capture in photos with no direct light in the area, so just try to picture it in your head.  

When I was gathering all of the glasses I wanted to keep and purging others I noticed I had some really pretty glasses for the bar that I wanted to keep.  I didn't want all of them on the shelves as they get dusty and it is harder to keep them clean, but I wanted to be able to have them at my finger tips when I needed them.  I decided to tidy up the bar cabinets and realized I was not using the space well at all.  On the right pair of doors I was only using the bottom shelf and the top shelf was a tiny one way in the back and basically useless.  It was blocking better use of the space ... so I took a hammer and hammered it out.  Yep, measured to make sure I wasn't destroying anything and then just knocked it out.  It took some energy but was so worth it.  Once it was out I was left with a more open space to organize. 

bad iphone photo for reference 

I ordered these storage frames and some baskets to better organize the space.  After putting it together yesterday I was almost mad at myself for not thinking of it earlier.  I mean ... why did it never occur to me? This made so much sense and leaves me with so much more space.  I moved the baskets of liquor and liqueurs to the left under the sink (where there is pipes and no space to use above them) and now have housed all the glasses, mixers, napkins, stir sticks, and more.  I even have extra space ... and it is glorious

For exact reference ... I ordered the frame linked above and then six baskets ... two of the 2 runner narrow white baskets + six of the 1 runner narrow white baskets.  I am not able to link the exact product for you as the link only links the baskets, but that breaks it down for you.  I am searching for labels to label them all and when I found them I will update the post.  

I have linked what I got below along with my favorite bar glasses and a few of my must haves.  Since you might be organizing your bar area I thought I would mention some of my faves. 💗

Photos by Christina Wedge

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  1. That worked out perfectly. I love it when that happens, and I love that wallpaper.



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