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Lake Pajamas Sale

This is always one of my favorite sales to share the details on, as Lake Pajamas are literally the softest things I own, and they are the best price they will be all year.  This is the time to buy them, to stock up, and to grab some extras for gifts.  You will be so happy and thankful you did, I promise you!

I could fill this blog post with words to share my undying love for Lake Pjs with you, but I shall refrain.  I will tell you the three most important things I think you need to know.  1.  They are incredibly soft and you will want to wear them 24/7.  2.  I size up to make sure I can happily wash and dry as I please!, and 3.  They make the most amazing gifts, like ever!

I have linked a ton of them for you below ... you can literally not go wrong with anything you purchase, whether it be for adults or children.  This is the time to buy them ... pinky swear!

Have the very best day!

Images by Andrea Kinnear

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the heads up! I would have missed the sale otherwise. And I agree with you- size up, and they make the best gifts!



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