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Masks That Give Back

Day 2 with masks ... can you tell its on my mind?  Watching the numbers spike again in so many areas means I am in planning mode.  The kids have start dates for school, but technically that will change for one child and possibly both of them, so in planning mode I go.  Planning and praying helps me to manage my anxiety in all situations, I pray and look into all options and then let God decide which doors stay open and which ones close.  More than ever I want to beat any and all anxiety with prayer and faith. ❤

So ... masks.  Yesterday I focused on cute, chic, preppy mask options and today I am sharing mask companies that I am familiar with that are giving back.  Buy a mask and they donate one ... buy two masks and give one away, anything at all that promotes sharing masks with others ... especially those who need them the most.  I love a great one for one program ... I support all I can find. When I bought my first mask I purchased two from Mi Golodrina with their buy one, give one program.  I bought two and then they in turn made two to give away.  When mine came our dear friend David had given his time to come to the house to cut both my hair and Nathans.  He was prepping to go back to work and so when he left I shared one of my new masks with him.  I love seeing him post photos from work wearing it.  I also love that when I wear my mask I think of him wearing his.  Anything I can do for him to make sure he is safe at work makes me very happy. 💓

So ... here we go ~ masks you can purchase that are giving back!

Mi Golodrina - so cute and so well made.  I own one and it wears and washes so well. As you may know Mi Golodrina partners with over 600 artisans in Mexico to keep a traditional stitching design alive and puts so many to work.  I just love this company so much and Christina items are so beautiful.  

Old Navy - You can purchase this five pack from ON for such an amazing price ($12.50!!) knowing that ON is donating 50,000 masks to the Boys and Girls Club of America.  I love this so much.  The pack is a surprise pack (you won't know the patterns) but I could not love the idea of the surprise more! They also have a 10 pack for $25.  Sign me up for both!

Vistaprint RNS Mask - this amazing mask comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  For every mask purchased Vistaprint donates 10% to help support small businesses impacted by Covid 19. I think this is brillant.  In addition, they have donated 100,000 masks and protective gear to organizations in need. 

Caraa Fabric Face Masks - this company which typically makes high-end handbags has been producing non medical masks.  They have donated a portion of their sales to the WHO relief fund and also is matching each purchase with a donation to New York's relief efforts.  

Casetify Reusable Mask - they began with a donation of 10,000 masks to Direct Relief which provides health workers with PPE and other essential items.  In addition to that with each purchase they will donate a mask to a health worker in need. 

Uncommon Goods - this company is donating 100% of their profits to NYC Health + Hospitals which provides care to more than 1 million New Yorkers each year.  I love the rainbow patterns designed by kids which include a positive, inspiring message on the label.  Yes please!

Little Goodall - Darling masks designed by Willa Heart and Liberty London that have a one to one program.  You purchase a single mask or a three pack and they will donate a mask to someone in need. 

American Eagle - now offering a antimicrobial, water resistant finish and 20% of all proceeds go to the Crisis Text Line.  I could not love this more, I worry about our kids not having their regular social interaction. 💗

This is just the tip of the iceberg with companies giving back and offering one to one programs, you can read more here and here. I love seeing and supporting companies that are going above and beyond when it comes to giving back and helping others.  

I hope your Tuesday is a great one.  Stay safe + wear your mask!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Paige,
    Thanks so much for sharing these resources! Texas is under a mandate for masks and I'm all for it. The numbers continue to rise along with FL & CA. My brother and sister in love are quarantined with Covid and have been given the Hydroxy..... and antibiotics. Extremely ill! I really can't do anything for them due to the quarantine but they will continue to need masks and those can be mailed! 😊




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