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First Day of Fall

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Wow, I can not believe we are entering a new season.  This year has both crept by like a snail and rushed past. I absolutely enjoyed every second of spring, loved every minute of summer (it is my favorite season), and hope to fall in love with autumn.  With the stunning show spring displayed in Georgia I am hoping for an equally beautiful fall.  I really experienced my first fall the year I moved to Atlanta, in October of 1993.  I was 23, ready for an adventure.  Oh, and also trying to get over a breakup ... I have told that story many times ... so the season really was a nice break from the endless Florida months which can feel daunting in the dead of summer.  That first crisp leaf, and the smell of fireplaces, it will forever make me feel like I am 23 all over again. 

I asked a great question on Instagram this morning ... how do you do fall?  I know we all embrace a new season in different ways so I love to see how others respond.  For me it is a slow transition ... and if the weather is still really warm the transition is super duper slow for me.  I do not care for pumpkin coffee and to be really honest, the words pumpkin + spice together make me cringe. 😬 I am all about the pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin pancakes, but if you offer me a pumpkin spice anything I will immediately decline.  It isn't for me one single bit. 

I am a little like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail ... I love the crisp weather, sharpened pencils, apples, and pumpkins and slowly but surely transition them into our home.  It starts really slow ... the flowers change from pink and yellow to orange.  Then the citrus starts to fade in the bowls in the kitchen and it becomes apples and then pomegranates. I trade out my usual citrus candles to a woodsy scent, this year it being a spiced orange one. I add fall hydrangea stems to my blue and white jars, add some plaid and leopard throws to the sofa and slowly change out the summer pillows for something more fall.  It is a slow process and may take me a few weeks, I have to be in the mood.  

To see a good representation of fall in our house you will need to look in the following places; front door, kitchen table, den, and screened porch.  I add pillows, blankets, a few candles, a few small orange pumpkins, a decor piece or two, and a random bowl or two of treats.  It makes our house feel like a new season is here without it smelling of cinnamon brooms or fake vanilla, two things I truly can't do. 😂

Oh, and speaking of movies ... do you have some fall movies you watch year after year.  I most definitely do.  First is You've Got Mail, but also a few more all with a nostalgic feel to them.  The ones that come to mind are ... When Harry Met Sally, Good Will Hunting, Remember The Titans, Rudy, Step Mom and Scent of A Woman.  Watching them on the porch listening to the leaves falling ... it is truly the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

We do not do a bunch of decorating for Halloween ... with the exception of one year when I went all out and loved it.  It did, however, scare the kids in our neighborhood which is the reason I have refrained from doing it again. We get so many kids for trick or treat and it made me sad when they skipped our house, so the bats and spiders haven't returned!  🎃 We do put out pumpkins on the porch but it isn't until the day or two before Halloween since they get so warm with our East facing front door.  This year I am collecting a number of small ones to have for November ... I can't wait to show you what I am scheming. 

So ... how do you do fall?  Do you do it?  Is it slow like me or are you all in like a few I know?  I would love to hear your thoughts ... and if you need some ideas you can read the comments on this post on Instagram this morning. 

Happy Tuesday!🍂

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  1. That table is amazing. Will the pics of the front door, den, and screened porch be forthcoming? It is starting to cool down a little here in Tennessee, but I really can't get into it until it is completely cool. Thanks for all of your inspiration.



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