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Shopping Thredup

I love finding a deal and a great piece while hunting.  I think it is one of the best things I love about consignment and estate sales, you find a treasure and it is just soo fun!  I also love scoring something I missed out on the first, or even second, time and enjoying it for years.  With retail it happens a lot, you see something you want to try and it sells out in your size and you think you have lost it for good.  Finding it later at a consignment sale is so fun, and the piece somehow means more this time around. 

Introducing thredUP ... an online consignment sale chock full of great pieces and fantastic prices all ready for you to come shop.  I became familiar with thredUP a while back when I was having my closet checked for a transformation and a friend recommended I sell my extra pieces to them.  Having never heard of this new to me company I quickly checked them out.  I remember looking at the site and being somewhat overwhelmed and thinking I needed to come back later for more.  Well, the later is now and I am telling you I am now a fan, and a huge one.  Can you even with that image of their warehouse, I would love to walk those aisles!

A few weeks ago Carly posted about her love for thredUP and I gave it a second look.  It took me about ten minutes to have something in my cart and then about 20 more to have a full cart and checkout with some darling pieces.  For me shopping a resale or consignment shop is pretty easy since I know what I gravitate to and love to buy.  I buy the same basic things time and time again and when I find a new piece or something I have wanted for a while it is easy to pull the trigger.  My purchase that day included two sweaters and a pair of blue and white striped ballet flats, all from J.Crew.  Yep, create of habit that buys the same things again + again.  (remember this bit in a minute!) Since the order arrived I have worn the shoes (immediately), the cream sweater three times, and the blue sweater once.  It was so amazing to find things I loved, fit perfectly since I am such a fan of the brand, and went right into my daily rotation.  

As the largest online consignment and thrift store you can find so many things at thredUP.  I found myself using filters so it would not feel overwhelming, but I could have stayed on the site for a super long time shopping.  I spotted so many cute things in my size and from brands I shop again and again.  Right after I made my purchase that day Carly posted about them again sharing a new program she was super excited about.  thredUP and Carly partnered to create a Goody Box where a stylist would pick out items for you to try at home with a simple deposit of $10.  If you like the items the stylist sent then you would purchase what you like and then return (free of charge) the remainder of the items.  Since I seem to buy the same items again and again I decided to give it a try.  I answered a number of questions regarding my style and a week later the box arrived. The box arrived with 10 items inside starting at $20 per piece.  It was broken down into 1 bag, 4 bottoms, and 5 sweaters.  My $10 deposit will go toward my $84 total as I am keeping four pieces, the items I am returning were either too big or not flattering on me, but all still very much my style.  Please note ... 4 items for $84 ... that is a steal considering the first time they sold they would have cost me $329. It was soo fun and one I will do maybe once or twice a season, maybe more.  It truly felt like a personal shopper had selected items just for me, which is exactly what happened, and they did a fabulous job with their choices.  I give it five stars hands down!

I have pulled a few of my favorites for you to check out to see why I think this site is amazing ... and these are random pieces in all different sizes.  Someone snag these goodies!

See what I mean, and that was just with ten minutes worth of searching.  I did spot that I have filters on the site so all the shoes popped up in my size (big foot) but you can adjust anything you need.  I might need to grab those knee boots today! I see the site has a 20% off code right now so I think its the perfect time!

If you are looking to sell extra items this is a great way to do so.  thredUP will send you a Clean Out Kit and you simply send them your items and they list and sell them for you.  Could it be any easier?  I think shopping resale and consignment stores is the best way to get a great deal and to hunt for something you missed out on but might still grab from another seller.  I have only purchased at this point but selling is most definitely in my near future.  I love how easy it is. 

I loved this so much and, as I stated above, will be doing again and again. If you are looking for a honest review of the site and my purchases ... I would hands down tell you that it is a win for me and a great resource for buying and selling online!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love this idea and have been wanting to try the curated boxes!

  2. This is news to me as well, but a fabulous concept. Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely browse their site.

  3. Just found your blog on Pinterest! <3 This post has inspired me to try a Goody Box again! I received one probably a year ago, and it was underwhelming, but I want to try again now! :)

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