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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 5

Happy Tuesday ... I hope your day is starting with the sun shining.  It is raining here in Atlanta and all I want to do is hunker down with a movie and a great blanket but there are things to be done ... so fun music and coffee will have to push me through. I hope you found some goodies at the Lilly sale, I am waiting to see what is up for sale today, and I have my eye on a few goodies + accessories.  I so love the Lilly sale!

I have another installment of one of your favorite posts ... and I have some great things to share with you!  

First, I shared I was purchasing Maizie Clarke's Staffordshire plates a few weeks ago and they came and are even better in person than I imagined.  She has one set left and will restock, so grab them fast!  I also have one of her 2021 Staffordshire calendars and I love it so very much.  After you use it as a desk calendar you can frame the prints (the full image is on the back of each) and they would make a darling little gathering on your wall.  I love Staffordshire pups and I see this happening in our powder room next year.  I can not wait!

I purchased a mask collection from J.McLaughlin two weeks ago and I really love them.  They are soft and feel like old woven shirts so they are both soft and very durable.  I snagged two sets and highly recommend them.  There are three in a set, so I have a total of six.  Since I wash my masks daily it helps me to have a number of them.  Also, who doesn't want to wear a cute one? I also spotted this set from Tory Burch and love them as well.  And then I went down a rabbit hole of great blue and white and found these sandalsCan you even??

I snagged this hat yesterday on Amazon and can not wait for it to arrive.  I just happen to need it for this coming weekend and I love that it will shade my face well and the bow in the back is so me.  Since I was on Amazon I updated my shop with some great new links and I think you will love.  I recommend this pair of sunnies + these leggings + this sunglasses chain (also can be used for masks) + this darling dress. A week or so ago my daughter commented that the sunglasses chain I was wearing looked like something an old lady would use.  I said thank you ... not the response I think she was expecting.  😂

Ok, so this brand is new to me and holy moly I really like it, as in a lot.  My friend Caroline was talking about loving it a week or so ago and I was completely influenced to purchase. I started with this body wash (I love a great body wash!) and have now ordered this deodorant + this exfoliator.  Can you tell I love the smell of eucalyptus?  I find it so calming and reminds me of being in a spa!

This is not something I purchased, it was a gift, but it is so good that it most definitely deserved a spot in today's post!  My friend Caroline (small Caroline as above) partnered with my friend Taylor (massive girl boss) to create this trio of darling bamboo bracelets that pair so well with so many things.  I love all of my Hazen jewelry and this set is a darling addition to all of the ones I have and wear regularly.  I think it is so pretty paired with gold + a pearl bracelet as well ... and, of course, can be worn alone.  It is considered periwinkle but in my opinion they are the perfect shade of pale blue.  Highly, highly recommend you check them out and get a set or two for gifts.  They will sell out fast! They come packed in a beautiful jewelry bag you can store them in and carry them in for traveling.  I think it is just a stunning set.  

I have had a number of questions about fabric covered lampshades and I have a great source to share with you.  I have a number of products from The Enchanted Home and love every single thing we have. Tina is fantastic and creates amazing things ... you will love her.  She has a number of great pleated shades, both large and small, and her patterns are beautiful.  I have my eye on these!

I hope your day is a great one! 💙

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  1. Paige, this is a FABULOUS post. I want everything on here, but unfortunately a lot of it is sold out (which is probably a good thing for now). I will keep my on restocks. Those plates and the calendar, just adorable. Thank you and have a great day.



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