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Advent Wreaths With Eric Haydel

I was talking to one of my closest, and funniest, friends yesterday and we were just catching up. Eric was in the car and headed to work on a project and we got chatted while he was driving.  When I finally got around to asking what he was heading to do he told me he was heading to make a video for the church on making an Advent wreath.  Since Advent begins this Sunday, November 29, he was making a video for an event he would normally hold in person.  Eric does all the setup, flowers, and staging for the church and this year, with all of the events being held more remote, they have had to get creative with sharing.  When he told me he was creating a video I asked if he would share it with me so I could in turn share it with you.  

I remember being little and seeing my mother and my grandmother making Advent wreaths.  I knew it contained four candles and we lit each one on the four Sundays before Christmas Eve but it wasn't until I got older than I understood the significance of each candle and the four weeks of preparation.  I can't imagine anyone better to teach us all about Advent and the wreath than my dear friend Eric Haydel

To know Eric is to be completely blown away by his knowledge of just about anything at all. Eric moved to Boston from Louisiana in 2008 while working on a senatorial campaign. When he found himself out of a job in August of that year he said he was trying to figure out what to do. After spending one winter in Boston and, determined not to head home, he signed up for classes in interior design.  He told me yesterday that finding himself out of a job was eye opening, he had to set his degree in public relations aside and begin again.  I would most definitely say that that degree has made him a smarter business owner and most definitely better equipped at marketing himself, his business, and the showroom he manages. 

Advent is the four weeks after Thanksgiving and before Christmas Eve.  It is the time of year where we prepare our hearts and our minds for the birth of Christ and all that means. Each week symbolizes a time in Christ's life ... the first two weeks are to focus on the second coming, and the second two weeks are to reflect on his first coming.  With each candle that is lit we focus on a different aspect of the season and His return, and read the verses from the bible that coordinate to each. The first week is for hope (or promise), the second for preparation (waiting and prophecy), the third is for joy (peace), and the last is for love (adoration).

Here is the video he created for St. Ignatius of Loyola, it is truly so good.  Here is the step by step guide to preparing your own Advent wreath. The list of supplies you will need is below the link for the video. 

Advent Wreath Making Supplies List

Advent Candles:

Wreath base with candle holders:

Local Greens could be picked up at Stop and Shop, Star Market or Whole Foods, Or Greens from around your yard. 

Add ribbons, pine cones or other festive decorations as 
"We Wait in Joyful Hope!"

Enjoy ... and thank you sweet friend!  I have always said you are destined for video! 😘

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  1. That is so beautiful, Paige. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.



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