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Blue + Green

A week or so ago on Instagram Whitney English talked about how to update a room, or your house, using what she called the ONBB system.  According to her plan, you add in some old, some new, some borrowed items (nature, trips, etc.), and some blue and green.  When I first read her idea I remember tilting my head but as she showed examples I was immediately on board.  For our house of many colors, as my kids refer to it, I have always stuck to the plan that each room needed some of the same elements to feel connected to each other. For me that has always been both green and blue.  I completely agree with her idea ... and even if your green is a plant or two, the two colors instantly balance any room.

I thought I would share some images of our house that are currently in The Cottage Journal this month and show you exactly what I mean.  I have been a fan of mixing green and blue for as long as I can recall, they just seem to be best friends.  If this is new to you I would suggest starting with a plant or two in a room, and then once the green is nicely married in you will feel better adding in more. Blue is an easy add in, it goes with any color you pair it with and always makes a statement. If you don't love blue, try a ginger jar with flowers, a stack of books, a painting with a little blue and green in it.  I feel like choosing an older piece always seems to be easy to add in since it can be an heirloom or have a story that you enjoy. 

I am telling you, you can't go wrong here. 

If you don't follow Whitney you definitely need to.  She is a fun follow for her home decor, her estate sales with her parents, her darling children, her faith, and her interior design tips.  Right now she is taking photos from direct messages and making them over with new ideas.  I have loved following along.  

Happy Thursday ... hope your day is amazing!

Images by Angie Webb Photography

1 comment:

  1. Hey There,

    Is there somewhere on your blog where you share all your paint colors? I am in love with your green walls (first photo) and your powder blue (third photo). Thanks so much! <3



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