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My Paige Gemmel Art

When I was sitting in my den this weekend I looked up and saw this Paige Gemmel art that we love so very much.  I was thinking about when she painted it for us and how excited I was when it arrived.  Paige and I had been chatting for weeks about the details and when it arrived I was truly blown away at how she had taken every single conversation we had and nailed the details.  This is a custom piece, as you many know, but what you may not know it was the elements mean to us.  Paige was amazing to work with and let me customize any and every single thing I wanted to which created a piece that was really so very me. 

I had been a huge fan of Paige's work and then met her in a chance meeting while attending a book signing in West Palm Beach.  She was there dropping off some work to the shop and had also come to the book signing with her mother.  At the time she was living in Del Ray, which was not far from West Palm. We chatted and I asked about buying one of her pieces and then the conversation turned to the den I was working on and the rest, as they say, is history

So, the painting ... let me break it down for you. 

The monkeys ... they are meant to be my husband and myself and as you can see they are working together, much like we often do as husband and wife. 

The orange tree ... my grandfather owned a harvesting and hauling company and they harvested citrus, mostly oranges and grapefruits and sold it to the juicing plants in Central Florida.  When I was a child we looked at a lot of groves!!!

The orange tree also represents Florida as both my husband and I were raised in the state, he is born and bred from Jupiter and myself from Lakeland. 

The blue and white pot ... just a nod to tradition and classic taste.  When I was growing up my grandmother had a collection of Delft that I saw a lot and Nathan's grandparents used their Blue Willow dishes every single day.  For us it is just the things we saw then and still use and collect now. 

The pale pink background ... it is my favorite shade of pink. 

The combination of pale pink and pale blue ... this was not intentional but as I look at it now it was the two colors of the sofa Nathan had when we met.  It was a huge sectional, as everyone had, and the background was pale blue and the flowers were pale pink. 

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