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Cheeky Needlepoint

I love a great cheeky piece ... something that makes you giggle when you read it.  I have a small collection of cheeky needlepoint pieces and I am looking to add more to the collection.  Recently I snagged a cute piece at the pop up at The Studio at Candler Park and I think hanging it in my office only fueled my want for another piece or two.  I have my eye on this piece which I think would be so cute finished as a pillow ... can you imagine it on a side chair in the den?  I love it.  

Cheeky to me needs to be funny ... but not crude at all.  I don't want to offend anyone, I am looking for a simple giggle for myself and others. I want my pieces to add to the decor, definitely not distract from it.  I found this old post from The Glam Pad that I think compliments my thoughts perfectly.  You can get a glimpse at C.Z. Guest's collection which is truly so well curated.  My newest piece ... "please respect my privacy, I am on the phone to Paris" is exactly what I mean.  It adds a giggle and is beautifully stitched to boot.  When I see images of other's homes I am always so impressed when I see a cheeky piece included.  One of my favorite pieces is a blue version of one Mario Buatta owned which is two sided ... tonight and not tonight. 

via Furbish Studio

So ... if you are looking for cheeky pieces as well ... I have some to suggest for your consideration. I love all of these!!

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