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Operation Completion ... Powder Room

It's a new week, and a new room, and I am here for it. I really missed not working on a room last week, but also since it was truly so short, I think I would have struggled.  This week is all about the powder room ... and I love the room, but also think it needs some changes.  There is nothing wrong with the room (well, the light flickers and it needs a rug) but it will also benefit from some goodness.  I have had a new light for a while and I am ready to get it hung.  I also snagged a cute mirror on Spring Break and immediately wanted to hang it in the powder room for a change.  There is a whole lot of squares and rectangles in the room and it is begging for some circles.  

So ... here we go

We gutted this room a few years ago and really just started over.  It was not at all functional, had awful tile and a short built in sink in cabinet and I just despised it.  Adding the pedestal sink, new toilet, and new tile really helped.  The wallpaper is fun and adds interest but I am also ready to change up the art.  I have toyed between just a few pieces and completely covering the walls in interesting art.  I haven't completely made a decision so for now I am going to buy a few great pieces and then decide later.  I have a few images that I am toying with ... so we shall see! 

The plan for the room ... 

Trade out the mirror
Trade out the light fixture
Trade out blinds for bamboo blinds
Add trim to blinds
Add a rug
Change all the art
Add some cheeky elements
Make the bookcase/storage piece work
Basket for toilet paper backstock
Maybe make small pleated shades?

What do you think?  I am so excited about this space because it will be a lot to show you and teach you and I always love that part. My parents are coming on Wednesday so my dad will be helping me with a few things, but he doesn't know that yet.  That is the best part ... 😉

Stay tuned ... 

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