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Lloyd Oliver Minear

We lost my precious father in law yesterday.  He was the best man I have ever known only second to my own father.  He was quiet and strong.  He was dedicated and faithful. He was an excellent husband and father and worked hard at every single thing he did.  He was precious and loving and left me little notes on post its.  He was always with a smile and always required a two arm hug.  As my husband's best friend told me the other day ... losing him will be the end of an era ... and she was correct. 

Lloyd was born in Jupiter, Florida where he lived until he moved to Georgia when I was pregnant with our first. He met and married his wife and they settled and raised their family only one street away from his childhood home located on the point of the Jupiter inlet.  As my husband will tell you they had a magical childhood in south Florida surrounded by the outdoors, the water, and so much family.  He was one of four boys and each one married and raised a family with a loving and faithful wife.  I remember thinking I had married into a magical family, everyone was so faithful and so strong. I wasn't wrong. 

What I will remember most about our Papa was his silent but strong ways.  He was loyal and faithful and kind to the end.  He was sweet and funny and loved Jesus with all of his heart.  When we lost my mother in law about ten years ago he was a great comfort to me.  He told me he knew long before that she would go before him and he had made peace with it and so should I.  He chose to celebrate her birthday and not the day we lost her and I will do the same.  Get ready, Halloween is about to explode over here. 

I love you Papa.  I know you are safe and whole and celebrating with Jesus and I can not wait for that two arm hug you will greet me with when I see you again.  May I raise my family as you did ... and may you live forever in each of our family members.  

We love you forever. 



  1. I am so sorry for such a great loss. What a beautiful tribute to him.

  2. Paige, I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute to him and what a legacy he has left.

  3. A beautiful tribute to your father in law!

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. Words are so inadequate, but know that you're in our hearts and prayers . . .



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