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My Love For The Nap Dress


This summer, funny enough at a needlepoint class, I took the plunge and bought my first Hill House Home nap dress.  After seeing so many love theirs and buy them time and time again I decided I needed to understand the hype.  So three of us were busy typing away on our phones instead of listening, sorry Marcy, and in minutes had all purchased two new dresses.  I then stalked my email for days waiting for the goods to arrive and once they did, I put one dress on and immediately understood the hype.  To own a nap dress is to love it. 

Since that date I have purchased two more, now owning a total of four of them.  I was worried about being able to wear them past the warm weather, but as you can see, I have added a denim jacket, a cute tweed jacket, and even a sweater over to keep warm.  They are just as others describe, amazing. 

I think it is the combination of the smocking at the top, the shape of the dress, and for the summer versions the percale cotton feel that make them so desirable to wear.  They remind me of a silhouette of a dress my mother made for me when I was little ... it was smocked just like this and then had a full skirt and it came on a roll at the Hancock Fabric store.  She would just buy the yardage she needed and then put in one seam and I had a darling dress.  They were easy to play in and dress up for dinner ... and I loved them.  So basically I am rebuying the dress of my youth, and loving it. 

There are new dresses for fall and I may purchase an additional one.  I have my eye on the either the winter toile or the navy brocade.  Navy is my favorite color to wear and the one I am wearing here is thin so the thicker one may be a good call for fall.  I am surprised I am not all in for a plaid one, and that may change when I see others sporting theirs, we shall see. 

If you are thinking about a nap dress purchase, I can tell you I truly adore mine.  It is the summer version of the Dudley Stephens fleece for me.  As soon as it gets cold I will be changing out my dresses for a Dudley, or better yet, wearing a fleece over my dress.  #squeal.

Happy Tuesday ... 

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