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Sweatshirts, But Make It Cute

Remember when the pandemic started and we swapped all our cute clothes for sweatshirts + leggings?  And then remember after the world opened again and we didn't want to abandon our soft and comfy clothes?  Yes, me too, but here is the funny part.  I did not own a collection of sweatshirts before this time.  I only owned two and I don't think I ever wore them in public.  It wasn't a thing of me thinking I was too good for that ... it was more a thing of, mine are not cute for public viewing. Well, thank you to the pandemic that has completely changed and now I have a huge stack of them and can be seen wearing them a lot and most definitely out of my house. 

I think there is a secret to wearing a sweatshirt as part of an outfit.  But hear me out ... I am not saying you can't wear it with leggings and and sneaks (as my daughter does) I am just saying its not a great look for me.  So ... I have learned that if I pair it with a pair of jeans and sneaks, or even loafers I feel safe enough in calling it a put together outfit. 

And so can you.

So, what makes a great sweatshirt worthy of an outfit?  Well, I think a few things.  I think it needs to be tailored (as in fit you), have a puff sleeve (always a fun addition), cheeky, and/or monogrammed. I have a few that I recently purchased for $18 that are waiting for me to take them to the monogrammer for a little something extra, and I can't wait to add them to my spring looks and even summer when the evenings are chilly. I look for sweatshirts that have good bands at the sleeve and the bottom and are tailored vs oversized.  I like to be able to either front tuck them or have them hit me right below the waist line of my jeans so I don't appear sloppy.  Oh that is most definitely is a word I have used to describe my children's outfits as they leave the house. 🙄

Oh, and let's talk about cheeky sweatshirts.  I love a good cheeky one. This one I own from Teggy French makes me laugh every single time someone comments on it.  It is perfect for how I feel most days. I saw one years ago that said ... "more issues than Vogue" and I so wish I owned it now.  Isn't that the truth?  To give your cheeky sweatshirt a little something more you can always layer it over a button down and pop the color and then pull the sleeves up over the cuff of your shirt.  And bonus points if you choose a stripe or a gingham, you know I would! You can also layer it over a striped shirt and then pull your sleeves up to show the stripe, anything to give it a little more charm. 

One of my very favorite sweatshirts (and the first I added to my sad selection) was my Prep option from the Preppy Podcast.  I am a true prep and I love wearing it almost daily.  I will pop it on to drive carpool in the mornings and have been known to keep it in my office for when I am chilly.  It is just so me, and I wish it came in all colors. I need to wear it out with a pink gingham button down under it ... talk about prep!!

Just stopped writing to go put that outfit on. 💟

I have pulled together some for you to shop below, all of which I would buy and most likely own.  Make sure you do a little more to pair it as an outfit.  Layer it, tuck it, add it over a cute dress.  You can do it and you will love it. 

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