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Introducing ... Hapsy

I had heard of CBD for quite a while.  I had seen my friends on Instagram talk about their journey with CBD and how they were using it and taking it.  I had heard of friends locally talk about CBD and what they were doing.  But ... in all honesty I had no idea how to add it to my life, whether or not I needed it, and how I would even begin.  For me it was one of those things I would hear people talk about and would think to myself that I needed to know more but would always stop there.  Kind of like a great toothbrush people were raving about and I needed to investigate, but I never took it any further.  That was until one evening at Summit last month when my friend Nicole and I decided to try the samples we were given before bed.  We both read the instructions, took the dropper full, and I closed my eyes and went to sleep.  It was that simple, yet not at all, and truly with that one bottle, that one dropper, and that one evening my life changed. 

But, let me back up. Actually all the way back to January for one bit and then all the way back to 2017 for the rest.  In January I was catching up with my friend Mary Huddleston on the phone and she asked me a question that really made me think.  Her question to me was about my stress level.  "Was I able to breathe now that chemo was done, my husband was better, and my daughter's ankle surgery was done?"  My response to her was so telling but I didn't realize it at the time. I told her I wasn't.  I didn't want to completely relax in the event that another big event was coming.  I did not want to go all the way back to a 1 or 2 when a 8 could be coming.  I said I would be so upset and sad if I had to go all the way back to an 8 after I had "relaxed".  What I did not realize when I told her that was that I was living with daily anxiety.  I was sitting around waiting for the next big thing to fall that I needed to handle.  I am not speaking of a chaotic day, I am speaking of emergency scary surgery, the flu for my husband that took him from fine to SICK, the call that they found something on a scan, the hard, hard stuff.  Just typing this now I tear up thinking of my mind set at the time.  I was so scared and so anxious all the time and didn't even realize it. 

That simple dropper full of the Hapsy CBD I had taken from the hands of Andrea Wightwick the day before was going to be the beginning of joy for me once again. When I fell asleep that evening after using the dropper I slept. Let me say that again.  I slept.  For the first time since December 21,2017 I slept and did not have bad dreams or dreams where I was struggling.  I slept. And when I woke up, an hour past my alarm, I was rested.  I had rested so well I could almost skip instead of walking that day.  I didn't realize it at the time but that would be the days and the type of rest I would have every single day since.  I had no idea that my mind was trying to process my feelings, my anxiety, thoughts and memories every night in my dreams.  When my husband was in the ICU and the real nightmares started I just assumed it was trauma and it would take time to resolve itself.  Those were the exact words my therapist told me when I went after he came home.  It was trauma, I had experienced a lot of it, and it would take time.  So I was patient and I just kept walking one foot at a time, and doing, and experiencing anxiety that I had no idea I could set down. 

Now do not misunderstand me.  I have taken anxiety medication since my middle child was five and am what my doctor calls a lifer.  I take it daily and it works.  Prior to the mental health scare for my son in December of 2017 and then my husband's cancer diagnosis in April of 2018 it worked and worked perfectly for me.  I knew I could depend on it so going up drastically to the next dose or changing medications was not something I was interested in doing. At all.  I just figured after some time I would feel that, pre chaos way once again.  I was just going to be patient and wait. 

I actually feel so bad for myself with these thoughts.  I was so naïve.  I had no idea that I didn't need to cry in the shower or the closet or when I was alone.  I was in therapy, I was trying to be patient, but those dreams were robbing me of peaceful rest and my brain the ability to use the nights to reset. I needed more and that tiny bottle that Andrea handed me changed everything.

I have been taking Hapsy consistently now for five weeks. I love it. I sleep. I don't have crazy dreams that have me waking up thinking I must be living in a movie. One of the craziest I can clearly recall was one about my mother.  My whole family was in Paris for a week and my mother had decided to swim alone in a hot spring and somehow got trapped. We had to use my phone to track her from the second floor of a parking garage before a giant spider stung her.  I remember the colors and everything like it was last night. Yep. Not kidding. Try getting up in the morning and getting started without your eyes bugging out of your head after a night full of that.  It was crazy and this was happening all the time. (by the way, Hi Mom, I love you!!) Now I sleep peacefully with my brain relaxed and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  My shoulders aren't tight up under my chin and if I find they are I can take some extra Hapsy.  My muscles in my lower back don't hurt every single day and if they begin to I can use my Hapsy stick to help.  I have tools in my toolbox that really, really work for me and my life is 1000% better. 

Let me say this.  This is my experience and one I can not stop talking about to anyone who wants to listen. I have partnered with Andrea to write a second blog post with all of her expertise and knowledge.  She is a wealth of incredible data + stats and will blow you away with her experience. She is also so warm and loving and kind and her support will also blow you away. We will also be doing a live discussion so others can ask questions and hopefully get assistance for their days.  I can also say this, I really love Hapsy and the changes it has made for me.  I take it every single night right before bed.  I take it during the day when I feel that anxiety rising.  I will take it after finishing this blog post because I am sharing a lot of my truth and that can be hard. According to Andrea consistency is key so I am focused on making that a pattern for me.

If you are interested in purchasing from Hapsy I have a code for you to use. I brought home a bottle for myself and my husband (who also loves it) and have since gotten the sticks as well.  One of my favorite things about Hapsy, and a focus for Andrea, is how it tastes.  It is pleasant and easy to swallow or add to your favorite drink.  The sticks smell so nice and are easy to use all day long without that medicine smell.  Can you tell I really have fallen in love.  My code is PAIGE and that code will give you $10 off site wide plus free USPS shipping.

Hapsy has given me so much joy in my everyday and I would love to hear more from you if you are using it, try it, or have any other questions. Feel free to email me and if I can not answer you based on my knowledge or experience I will forward you to Andrea for help. 

Let every day be this Hapsy!! 💗


  1. Oh my goodness, I am a new subscriber and had no idea that you had been thru all of this. My daughter lives in your area and told me to read this blog and that your husband had cancer, but it has not been mentioned on your recent blogs. I am sitting here trying to compose a comforting comment for you and all I can say is that I am so sorry for the recent happenings in the lives of you and your family. You are such a joy to me every day and your post is the first one I read daily. It is wonderful that you have this outlet so that you can share your pleasures and your sadness with us and hopefully we can all continue to support you. God be with you and your family.

  2. Hi Paige! My story is a lot like yours and waiting for the next thing to drop, is no way to live. Which strength oil are you using. I noticed a couple of weeks ago, you looked like your glowing and now I know why!
    Thank you for sharing, this is encouraging to me.



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