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When I wrote this blog post about two weeks ago I shared that Christine Trant was planning a fun and amazing collaboration.  Well, that time to share is now as the collection launched yesterday.  Christine collaborated with my friend Nicole and her shop, Grand Millennial Shop and they created 14 unbelievable and gorgeous pieces of framed art. But this isn't just art or art in a frame, this collaboration is truly one of a kind. 

When they met at The Southern C they clicked from the very first evening. With their love of art and passion for antiques, I feel like this connection was truly meant to be. Working from a mood board that Christine created for them each piece is truly unbelievable. What I love about this collaboration is how it all worked out.  Nicole sourced vintage and antique frames and sent them to Christine who then painted pieces of art which she extended to the frame as well.  What you have is 14 exceptional and true pieces of art.  

Inspired by a trip Christine took to Rouen, France each piece is unique and filled with color and texture. I am telling you, they are truly so incredible I can almost not even stand it. The collection was released yesterday and they have begun to sell out. If you want to get one of these limited edition pieces you must act quickly. I have never been to Rouen but I can tell you that these pieces have inspired me to add it to my travel list. 

I had the opportunity to speak to both Christine + Nicole yesterday about the collection and you can watch that chat in the video here!  It was so fun and I love how excited they are about their partnership and even what comes next for both of them. 

I think Christine tells their journey beautifully ... 

My goal for attending and being a sponsor for the Southern C Summit this year was to land a creative collaboration. I didn't have a specific business or even type of collaboration in mind, I just knew I had loved the custom creations I had made for influencers and shops in the past and wanted to do more. The first evening of the Summit, I ran into both of you at the Members Cocktail Party (I think we started off talking about those sticky boob bras?! 😂) and we started chatting about our favorite collections and art, we exchanged cards and went on our merry ways. 

Over the next few days, Nicole and I kept bumping into each other and by the end of the week, I caught her over a Callie's biscuit and blurted something along the lines of, "I have really enjoyed hitting it off with you this week and would really love to collaborate with you to mix my art abstract art with your antiques. What do you think?" Which, in retrospect is a lot to throw at someone before they've finished their coffee. 

Thankfully, Nicole is incredibly kind and as excitable about art and antiques as I am and was into the idea. Between Summit sessions that day, we cooked up Nicole sourcing antique frames for me to create custom pieces for. She suggested incorporating the frame into the piece and my creative brain was absolutely giddy. I couldn't wait to get home and start experimenting with the thrifted frames I knew I already had in my studio. 

When we got home, we hammered out the details and decided on a small collection of about a dozen pieces, with the goal of doing another collection down the line if this first select collection went well. We loved the idea and knew we weren't the only ones who loved both antiques and abstract art, but with an idea this unique we didn't want to overextend ourselves until we knew how it would be received. 

Over the next several months, Nicole sourced the frames and I pulled together a mood board for the collection based on Nicole's grandmillennial style and our spring-time launch. When the frames arrived (in the biggest box I have ever seen!), I was absolutely giddy. She had done an incredible job sourcing frames that clearly had a history and were full of character. I got to work creating handmade canvas boards to custom fit each frame. I mapped out which colors from our palette worked best with each frame and went to town. I spent hours carefully layering the pieces and finishing them off with my signature rosettes. I loved incorporating the frames into each piece; it made my work pop off the flat canvas board and reach out toward the viewer. Making the frames part of the story instead of just a means to put them on the wall. This process made the frames feel more like jewelry adding dimension and personality to an outfit, rather than just a hanger to store it with. 

I am absolutely thrilled to share this extra special collection with the art- and antique-loving world! Nicole and I have already started brainstorming a follow-up because we have enjoyed creating and sharing this collection so much and have been overwhelmed by the response to it. 

As I mentioned above the pieces have already been so popular, so you need to shop quickly to snag one of the pieces that are still for sale.  They are all so special and I know you will adore yours as much as I really love my own. I can't wait to see what they create next!

Happy Wednesday!

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