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Stoney Clover

I have known about Stoney Clover Lane for some time seeing it pop up in my feed and in the posts shared by my cute friend Caroline.  But honestly, I did not understand the cult following.  I was very much a ... "it's so cute, but maybe not me?" person ... until yesterday.  I was in Target with my son and I immediately got pulled into the SCxTarget section and could not leave.  Now it has been out for the week but our Target had quite a few pieces left over including a darling pink cooler and enough bathing suit pieces for all to purchase.  I walked into the section, snagged a dog collar and some patches and am now the complete Stoney Clover lover.  

Who knew?

Since the store didn't have any bags to use my patches on I got home and did a deep dive into Stoney Clover and the brand.  Almost an hour or so later I had found that I adored the ability to customize the bags and the letters to create whatever it is I plan on storing in my bags.  I am a huge fan of a place for everything and think it makes packing so much easier. While doing my deep dive I found this post and truly could not have felt more connected to her storage ideas.  I love having different bags for different items, and as I said above, think it makes travel so much easier. 

She provides an excellent description, in my opinion, of describing which bags she loves, what she uses them for, and how she combines them all.  I am telling you, huge fan of the entire post.  I read it twice and my type A self was so very happy!

So, you can now count me in as a Stoney Clover fan.  

Since coming home from Target I have now purchased a few things to begin my collection.  I really loved the High Tea collection as the blue and white and pink and white patterns are so very me. I bought the High Tea large pouch (color fine china) + Small Ruffled Velvet pouch. I have two travel bags that I love to use, one for my skin care + makeup and another for medicine, but could use one for hair products, sunscreen, and I really could divide up my skin care + makeup when I don't fly.  So ... that is where these bags will come in handy.  According to the blog post I read the large pouch I bought will hold two small pouches so that will definitely come in handy for traveling and everyday.  I use three bags inside my purse at all times, so this would be fun to customize them as well.  My monogram and personalization loving self is smitten.  

I think the biggest draw to the brand is how much you can create something that is very you.  They offer so many blanks and from there you can create anything at all.  I love my packing cubes so this is just an extension of that idea for me.  We used them traveling to south Florida this week and it makes packing and unpacking a breeze.  I even use one just for dirty pieces and washing items when your return is so very simple.  

So ... below is my wish list.  I will whittle my way through it and may even use the pouches in my drawer to keep myself organized even more.  My bathroom drawers have become out of control to say the least. 

image 5 via Stoney Clover Instagram

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry but those prices are ridiculous! With the price of food and gas these days you have to be rich to buy even the little bag, never mind the accessories! God bless those that can though because they are darling!



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