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Bathing Suit Season

It's about that time.  I plan to take some time this summer to soak up my family, which will most definitely include the beach and the pool.  I am a Florida girl, and we love to be outside this time of year, no matter how hot it is, so being near water is a must for us. So ... a bathing suit and a darling cover-up are a must-have. As I was shopping yesterday, I realized I am not the only one who craves pretty and coverage-appropriate cases, so it seemed perfect to share this week.  A great bathing suit + coverup combination is hard to beat when you are poolside or at the beach. 

My daughter is way more confident in her skin than I was at her age or even am now.  So with that being said, I prefer a suit with some cheek coverage, which fits really well. And, of course, there is an age-appropriate element for me.  I need all that coverage, thank you very much. That may cost me a few pennies more, but it is worth it. I have found that I do well with Lilly Pulitzer, J.Crew, and even one or two I snagged this year from Dillard's. I like a simple suit, one that is a great color or pattern, and one I can wear again and again, especially when I have spent more on it.

If I plan to be outside for an extended period of time, I will wear a swim shirt, high-waisted bottoms, and take a pareo for extra coverage.  I always wear a hat, always wear sunnies, and always take good, safe sunscreen.  I am fair and have many freckles, and I need to be safe at all times. 😎

I picked out my favorites for you as I was snagging for myself.  All I need now is some sun and a coastal destination. Luckily I am heading to the coast of Georgia tomorrow.  

Happy Monday! 

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