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Summer Plans ...

After coming off a couple of days in Tuscaloosa, I am tired this Monday.  I will say that eating our way through unique places to eat is a job in itself.  We ate so much, visited the most incredible locations, and learned much about my parent's city and its history.  It was so fun, but wow, I am tired today.  

I am not sure I mentioned it before, but this summer will be pretty different for me.  I will be unplugged, living in the moment all I can and soaking up the last summer before my girl's senior year.  This is my last baby, and she is beginning her final year of high school in August. This isn't easy. My job as a mother for the previous 25 years has been the best job I have ever had.  Although I will always be their mother, it will change quite a bit, and that will not be easy for me.  All I ever wanted to be my whole life was a wife and a mother, and I absolutely love it all. I am thrilled for them, their independence and lives, but all in all, it is hard for me.

Of course, my girl just asked me to treat her to Starbucks this morning ... so some things will never change. 😂

With all of that being said I will be sparse on blogging.  I have a lot planned but it may not be every single day of the week.  There will be some downtime and I think it is perfect for my summer plans.  I created most of my content before summer began so I could have some downtime and I love it.  I have some fun projects I will tackle, lots of pool time with my girl, and all the impromptu dinners and lunches. Honestly, I am really excited.

Just a heads up, I am good.  Just soaking up all the seconds I can with our youngest and her last summer before graduating from high school. I think I am completely in shock that this is really happening. 

Happy Monday to all! 💗

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