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Behind The Boxwoods

I am beyond excited to share with you that I have partnered with Southern Bungalow Co. and created a custom candle!!  This candle results from months of sniffing the most amazing scents Susan sent over and trying to narrow down my favorites.  Every scent from Southern Bungalow is magical, and I knew she would send some incredible combinations when I made a list of my favorite scents.  I wanted something light but memorable so it would be something that could be burned again and again.

After many weeks of me burning and enjoying her unique combinations, I settled on a favorite with notes of peach, coconut, and magnolia.  It has quickly become the scent of our home, and I am thrilled to share it. The candle launched yesterday, and I am delighted to have this project out and ready for purchase. 

Behind The Boxwoods, as it is named, is a special project for me.  I love to use and gift candles and have for many years.  I had dreamed of creating a candle, something I could use in my home, something I could share, and something I would grab when I needed a happy for a friend or a hostess gift.  With Susan's beautiful vessel, the stunning packaging, and the scent we created, I am happy to own and gift this fabulous candle. 

"Behind The Boxwoods ... The real memories are behind the boxwoods, in our homes where our family grows and thrives, where we snuggle up on the sofa for family movies, and where the scents of home make memories. This candle and its mix of magnolia, peach, and coconut is a blend special to me. It evokes memories of my childhood and my home in Georgia, where I have been blessed with many beautiful moments. I hope this scent becomes one that you love as well, that you can burn in your home, a gift to others, and that will become a memory for you for years to come."

xo, Paige

Southern Bungalow Co. candles are special.  They are coconut wax and are made with essential oils.  They burn clean and, with proper candle care, will burn for 60+ hours.  When your vessel is empty, you can ship them back to Susan and purchase a refill. Susan is amazing and kind, and it is an honor for me to create this outstanding item with her. 

You can order the candle here.  I hope you enjoy the scent in your home and decide to gift it to others.  It would be an honor for me to have created something that you enjoy daily. 

Much love to all of you ... 

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