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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 19

Happy Friday!  I am rounding out a great week with your favorite post and mine. This week was much more low-key than last week, so I guess I am settling into the new school year.  Can that even be?  I hope your week was a good one and that you, too, are ready for a lovely long weekend!

First of all, my candle with Southern Bungalow Co.  I am not just saying this because I custom-picked the scent; this candle smells very good.  Better than I could have planned or imagined.  I love it very much, and I think it will be my go-to scent in my home, which I dreamed of creating. The candle is hands down my favorite thing I have in our home at this time. 

Susan Shaw is one of my favorite jewelry designers.  If you didn't already know, she chooses one earring every month as the earring of the month.  Her choice is always marked down, sometimes to 50% off.  I have purchased a pair in the past and just bought this pair as the new earring of the monthAren't they stunning? If you aren't familiar with Susan Shaw, the earring of the month is a great way to try out her designs. 

As you all know, I love wearing a nap dress.  They are comfortable, so easy to wear (especially when traveling), and can be worn in several ways.  My newest one, this green one, will be perfect for fall.  I suggest wearing it with a cardigan, denim jacket, or even a sweater pulled over.  It is my go-to in my closet, and I think you will feel the same.  

I have seen many people owning and loving the Stanley insulated tumbler, but every time I check it out, it is sold out. I found this one which is 10 oz. smaller and in stock.  I have a big tumbler myself, and I will say I drink more water with it than I do when I don't use it.  Try this one if you want a Stanley but can't find one in stock. 

I recommend this shop if you want to add a monogram sticker to that cup or anything.  Her options are so fun, and her prices are incredible. 

I finally replaced our outdoor lanterns at the front door, and I am so glad I did. The pair we had before was not working, older, and needed to go, but I had difficulty finding what I wanted.  Somehow I lucked on an ad that sent me down a rabbit hole, and I found three I liked a lot at the bottom.  I purchased this one, and I think it is perfect.  They came in two days, installed so quickly, and we love having outdoor lights that work again. To share the ones I decided against but still really like, check out this one and this one.  Aren't they so good?

During the Lake sale, I purchased this pair of pajamas.  This was my first time trying this set with a more boxy feel, and I like how they fit.  If you are a Lake PJ wearer, I recommend trying this set.  

I purchased a bunch of roses from Grace Rose Farm to celebrate the candle launch. This farm is located in California, and their roses are insane.  They arrived Wednesday morning and have been so amazing since I cut them and put them in a vase.  If you need a flower delivery and want something special, I honestly can't say enough about Grace Rose Farm.  They are hands down the best around. I always order the Growers Choice and have yet to be disappointed. 

And last, this dress.  I absolutely love this dress and how easy it is to wear.  Holly just sent me a few this week, and I have already worn one and packed another for this weekend.  The Arden is such a great dress and so easy to wear.  I have the chambray from the summer and now a navy and brown for the fall.  Everyone I know who has one loves it, and you will too.  You may use my code PAIGE20 for 20% off your order!

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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