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A Little Redo

So, I have been silent on the blog over the past (almost) week, and I apologize for that.  It wasn't planned for sure, but a little leak turned into a significant leak, and then we lost wifi, and I just gave up.  It was a week last week, and a lot has transpired.  To sum up, our copper pipes have pinhole leaks (do not choose copper), and we need to replumb our house.  To save my favorite wallpaper in our bathroom, they are going through the tile in the shower, which we don't care for, so it has turned into a remodel.  If your head just spun around, I apologize for that.  Mine did that last week when one tiny thing turned into a big something, and then the words "gut" sent me into a tailspin.  But ... it is a new week, I have a plan, and it is time to just lean into it all. 

Deep breath. 

Our primary bathroom is getting new tile and new flooring, losing its 1982 tub, and undergoing a refresh for an up-to-date bathroom.  The more I look at the plan, the more excited I get. My sweet friend Eric Haydel called me last Wednesday morning because "I was on his mind."  As I began to cry when he asked me how I was, he realized his timing was perfect.  Eric is an interior designer and instantly began to help navigate the process of thinking thru the move-out and move-back in detail. Eric is one of the most intelligent people I know and has various degrees in several areas.  What he knows best is me and how type A I am.  He was so good at helping give me specific line item things I should be doing as the renovation begins.  His tips were excellent, and I am convincing him to write them down for me as a blog post so we all can use them.  He was so good just telling me how to move out and then prep to move back in, even though the move out for me is to the guest bedroom and bathroom.  He talked about packing, saying goodbye, prepping for mess and clean up, and then moving back in with a new mindset to a new space.  It made so much sense and instantly reduced my stress level. 

His blog post will be so good, I promise you

So, here is the plan I drew up and that both my husband and Eric approved.  He gave me three tips for the space, all of which I heard and made changes to reflect.  One, we didn't need a tub in the primary bathroom, but we should leave the space just in case someone wanted to add one.  Check. Two, use Carrera Gold for a warmer feeling and one that isn't so white and grey.  Check. And, three, think of how our shower must reflect a 2022+ space.  What would be ideal for resale?  Check.  He also told me that since we are changing the items in the bathroom, the new items needed to reflect 2022 instead of 1982.  It was a simple request, but it did change how I viewed the inventory available.  We chose a "free-standing" vanity instead of a built-in one. His advice was terrific, and since both Nathan and I love him, it was easy to have a conference call and let Eric handle our different ideas. I wanted one style shower, my husband wanted another, and Eric gave us an idea for a compromise. Basically, the designer and therapist all rolled into one. 😉

For our water closet area, I am adding a neutral grasscloth.  I think it will be an easy addition and will give the room some texture.  I love this grasscloth from Society Social, and I just added myself to the waitlist.  That is a space I can finish when it comes in, which is a blessing. I will also do it myself so the cost side of it will be budget-friendly.  I love the wheat color and also love the citrus, so we shall see later what I choose. Honestly, it could go either way. 

I did find all of the items we needed in stock, which was a task, so I am sharing them with you in case you need the same.  I shopped several places online, and the shipping dates were crazy, so in stock and ready to ship or pick up is my new favorite phrase. Lucky for us, both the paint colors we are using we already have and have used elsewhere, and we are saving our wallpaper.  Those are two things that I can cross off my list.  I feel so awful for those renovating on a larger scale with crazy shipping dates. It is stressful. 

Here are the items we picked out and purchased.  The white chandelier can be found here, I can't link it for you, but the price is really good. I am ready to move back in, and I only moved out of the bathroom yesterday.  Too soon??

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