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Barrington Gifts - Gift Ideas

Before I go any further, I need to share that from here until the week or so before Christmas, there is a possibility that I will have two posts in one day.  Today, for example, is the last day of the crazy good sale happening at Barrington, AND it is also Giving Tuesday.  I have two posts for that, and they both need to go up today.  So, you aren't crazy ... there will be more than one post in one day and quite a few days just like that. 

Barrington Gifts is one of my go-to for Christmas gifts.  First of all, their products are just so good. Second, you can customize them to exactly what you want. Third, they are always received with joy. You simply can not go wrong. Today is the last day of their incredible Black Friday sale.  The prices and discounts are excellent, and honestly, I wish I had waited to order the gifts I have already purchased to get more for my money. But ... you can, and that will make it better for me. 

Let's talk about my favorite pieces and why I love them. I own many of their products and truly love them all, but some are more helpful than others. Some of the items make the best gifts. I asked Katie, the darling marketing manager, for tips on their best sellers. Her words are below, and I could not have said them better. 

St. Anne Zippered Tote
- Our best-selling tote, year-round. Perfect everyday tote or travel companion. Zippered top makes it a great travel buddy to store under an airplane seat. Has 3 slide pockets and 1 zippered pocket. Can’t go wrong with this tote! 

I own multiples of this tote and style it for each season.  It is the same size as my Neverfull and way more helpful in organizing what I put inside. Plus, you get to customize every single thing about it. 

Tilly Trolley Sleeve Tote
- Our newest travel bag has already taken off. People really love it! It’s a medium-sized travel tote with a trolley sleeve on the back and a zipper pocket to store a phone, a boarding pass, etc.. things that need easy access when traveling. It also has 2 water bottle pockets!

This is the first bag I ordered for a gift this year.  I love that it immediately solves my travel problem of filling my bag too full and having it fall off the suitcase as I walk.  This bag is genius, and I will order one for myself next year.  Oh, maybe it would be perfect as a birthday present. 

Eyeglass Case
- A great price point and a popular accessory. It can be used for sunglasses, eyeglasses, and readers. Perfect stocking stuffer. This is a piece you can design more “fun” since it’s not something you “wear."

I own so many eyeglass cases and pairs of glasses and sunglasses.  I have gotten used to which team to go in which case, and now I can pull it out without wondering which pair I will find inside.  I love gifting the eyeglass case with a fun pair of sunnies or readers inside.  These make the best girlfriend give for your best friends. 

Passport Covers - These are fun gifts for your travel-loving friends.  You will have to take the passport out to have it inspected and stamped, but I do not care. I love that the covers we own are different, and I can instantly tell whose passport is whose by the covers.  Before the pandemic, I got these a few years ago for my parents and Bag Tags, and they loved them. I also purchased Baggage Handle Wrap as stocking stuffers, which are fun. With a handle wrap, you will not miss your luggage at Baggage Claim ever again.

If you need Men's gifts, they are stocked with great products.  I recommend the Money Clip, Shave Kit, Laptop Bag, and Laptop case.  All of these can be ordered in leather and would be perfect for the men in your life. I have two of those pieces earmarked for the 26-year-old in my life.

Both the eyeglass cases and the St. Anne tote are made in Dallas, so you can order those a bit later than the other items, although I would order everything immediately will the sale ending this evening. Barrington Gifts is always a great gift; every single person I have gifted something to raves about it, even years later.  You simply can not go wrong!

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