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Bathroom Details ...

As we are thinking about the next two weeks of the bathroom renovation, I am really thinking about the details. This part is my favorite; I love all the tiny details. To keep my mind focused on something other than the dust and mess, I am visualizing moving into a new (and clean) bathroom. I am mentally ready.  I am prepared to sleep in our room, use our bathroom, and, most of all, be able to sit in the den together and watch TV.  With the holidays just around the corner, this is the perfect time to finish up these weeks of construction. I am unsure which movie will be our first together as a family, but I am ready to make it happen. 

Since the bathroom configuration changed, the use of the bathroom has transformed. We need more hooks for towels, and we need a new rug with new dimensions.  Our trashcan did not fit as it used to, and most of all, our lights didn't pair with the new mirror.  One tiny detail after another, we found ourselves having to purchase new things.  My husband says we may have exceeded the price of the bathroom, but he is kidding; I was excellent about keeping to my budget.  Well, mostly

Today I am sharing everything I bought, and we have kept (I returned a bunch of things I didn't like in person).  All of my goodies are stashed in one section of our garage, just waiting for their debut.  I am dying for the day I get to play and accessorize!!  

Do you think that could be tomorrow?  Does anyone have a magic wand?

The only item I have not settled on would be the knobs and pulls for the vanity, the size is odd so I am trying a few and will update the list when I decide on one.

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