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Team Shutters Or No Shutters


I am in the final phase of choosing our new door and shutter color, and then the conversation began about keeping or removing our shutters.  I am telling you, I don't feel anything is safe now with all the construction.  My mother and I talked about shutters on Saturday, and she reminded me they removed theirs and love it. Our conversation extended, and we started talking about proper shutters on the house, which mine are not.  And then I began to think ... do we want to remove ours?  We can always replace them later with proper ones when we aren't spending so much money.  

So, I ask you ... are you a team shutter or no shutters?

At first, I was 100% team shutter, but now I am definitely on the fence.  

Hmmm, I like both options!

Happy Tuesday ... 

I just found this super helpful website to measure and install external functioning shutters. I will be using this as we have decided to keep ours. We just need to ensure they are the correct size; they are currently 1.5 inches too small and install the proper hardware.

1 comment:

  1. I love the look of shutters so I am glad you have decided to keep yours.



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