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Stepping Into Needlepoint

I have mentioned many, many times my love for needlepoint.  After many years of wanting to learn, I finally had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica in Lycette in Palm Beach and take a lesson.  Within six hours of that lesson, I was on my way to stitching my first piece.  There are so many things that I enjoy about needlepoint.  It is an excellent way for me to stay creative.  It is the perfect way to start and end a project.  It clears my mind when I am stressed and helps me to focus on things I can control. I love what I create and have so many finished pieces in our home that I truly enjoy.  It is a fabulous way to connect with others and make new friends, which isn't always the easiest at this age.  And it keeps me off my phone while traveling.  I keep a project in this bag with me at all times, and I can pull it out while waiting at the doctor's office, while traveling, and definitely during long car rides when I am not the driver.  

All in all, I can't think of one bad thing this hobby has provided for me.  Well, maybe a bank account depletion, as it isn't the cheapest hobby.  But ... nothing really is. 

This month I am providing a deep dive into needlepoint for my Instagram subscribers. January is the perfect time to take up a new and productive hobby, and hopefully will be something we all do longer than the gym membership that always seems to be neglected by March.  (just me?)  For those new to the hobby or who have neglected it for some time, this blog post will be a great resource to get you started again.  I have listed several shops I frequent and directed you to their beginner-friendly sections to help you pick a canvas and the supplies you will need to begin your first project.

To begin, you will need the following

A canvas to stitch (I recommend an 13 mesh to start)
A needle for your canvas choice
A bag to keep it all together
A needle minder to contain your hand when you aren't using it
A needle threader (if your eyesight is like mine and threading needles is hard)

The websites I have listed will be able to kit your project for you, meaning they will choose your threads and ship them together.  I still do this and just make a note if I want to change the color of something.  In the bow I recently stitched, I switched from blues to pinks, and my local needlepoint shop did an excellent job pulling the pinks I needed.  Changing the colors in a project is always an option; keep that in mind. 

If you have any questions, please email me; I am here to help!!

Lycette Designs

Beginner Friendly canvases


Needle minders

Project Bags - there are many to choose from on the site, and at various prices; I love this one which allows you to have two projects going simultaneously. 

My favorite thing on their site is the new designs by Lady Derby.  This vintage lattice pattern is incredible!!!

Penny Linn Designs

Needle minders are great for catching your needle while not in use on your canvas.

Beginner Friendly canvases

Scissors (I have these)

Project Bags - I like this pouch, and I think these zip bags are great for any size project since they come in four sizes.

I love a great 13- mesh project between my more significant projects for a quick stitch and a "palette cleanser," as Rudy says. Penny Linn has a great selection  of 13 mesh here

Morgan Julia Designs

She has all the beginner-friendly items grouped together, which I love. You can find a canvas, scissors, a project bag, and a needle minder in the same space. 

If you love a bar cart, as I do, her bar cart series is just darling.  I would love to stitch them and trade them out for each season. How fun would that be? I have my eye on the Derby one as we love to watch and drink those yummy Mint Juleps all day long. 

Nimble Needle
- (my local shop)

My local shop has been the best for expanding my hobby and finishing projects.  I love the girls who work there and have attended my local stitch club and many help classes.  Sitting amongst fellow needlepointers, learning from them, and conversing is fun.  I am thankful I have a shop so close to me that provides me with supplies and endless support. 

The bow canvas above can be found in Nimble's beginner-friendly section.  It is a great first project and can be finished in many ways.  I am making an ornament to hang from one of my lamps in our bedroom.  I thought hard about having it finished as a tray for jewelry but ultimately decided on the trim. 

While on the site, you can shop their 13 mesh options, which would also do a great first project.  This one would be great, and I love this one and this one. I stitched this one, and it is hanging in our new bathroom.  It is so cute!!

While on the site, choose a pair of scissors, a needle minder, and a project bag

Stay tuned for more content next week ... including some content only available on Instagram for subscribers.  You can choose to subscribe here. 

Happy Stitching ... 

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