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All The Pups ... In PJs

We all know I am pup obsessed, so there was not even a second delay before I began wearing the newest pup pajamas from my favorite pajama source, Print Fresh. It was a pup print, a collaboration with Anthropologie, that made me fall in love with Print Fresh and the comfortable pajamas they sell, so of course, every single pup print since has made that love only deeper.  I often speak of these pajamas; they are classic cotton that gets softer with time, making them more comfortable every time you put them on. Their newest print, a pair of white pups on a blue background, is just as cute as my favorite pink pair, and I think you should add them both to your pj lineup asap. 

The pink pattern, Good Dog in Vintage Rose, is back in stock and comes in all varieties and even in some darling fun bags.  I have the long set and this one, so I can mix and match. I have a fabulous accessory bag in a different print, and they are amazing.  The duffle and totes, well, all of the bags, remind me of the old-school Vera Bradley ones we all used and loved.  I highly recommend them all

The blue pattern, Matching Spaniels in Queen Blue, is the newest pattern.  Of course, they emailed me immediately, sharing the print since they know, as you do, I would instantly adore it. I love that it is a pair of pups with a fun pot of flowers. I wear my patterns all year long, but it is darling for spring!  How fun would these be in an Easter basket or for Mother's Day?  I have the long set and just ordered a set of these accessory bags as they are so user-friendly and make packing so easy. 

I am currently under the weather, but you will see me sporting these on social media as soon as I can pull myself together.  

Don't miss out on ordering for your Easter and Mother's Day needs.  They are really just TOO cute. You can use my code, PAIGEMINEAR, for 15% off.  You can use this link to order!!  

Happy Monday!

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