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Are You Getting Emails?

My email service for the blog has stopped working.  I am unsure how that happened or when, but several of you emailed me telling me you are no longer getting my blog posts in your email.  Well, that just will not do. 

I am so very sorry for this, and I am sorry I didn't realize it quicker when my emails stopped coming.  So, I have upgraded to the service I use to send out my weekly recap emails, and this should never happen again. 

So, if you are not getting emails now, add your email again.  You can find the box at the top right of the blog.  No worries if you are already signed up for weekly emails and get more than you need; you can unsubscribe from anything you don't want.  

Once again, please forgive the system error.  We are up and running, and it may be even better!!

Happy Wednesday!  📩

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