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Toasting St. Patrick's Day

Thirty years ago, my now husband asked me if I wanted to grab a green beer after work.  That single beer turned into us splitting nachos and another beer and talking for hours. Who knew a single "sure" would spark a whole life. We have been married almost 28 years, and every single St. Patrick's Day, I think back to that night and how I never saw it coming. We were co-workers, and little did I know he had a crush.  Per usual, he had kept that detail to himself and simply walked down to my office to ask another employee to grab a beer.  St. Patrick's Day had never been special to me before that, and now, it is truly one of my favorite days of the year. How can it not be? 💚

Many years later, we toast with our favorite drink for the day ... an Irish Mule. I simply swap out the regular vodka, or bourbon, for Irish Whiskey, which gives it a little bite and a lot of festive. I found the recipe from the recipe master, Pizzazzerie, and we were hooked with one sip. 

A few Irish Mules and a great appetizer plate, and I always feel all the love. We love to sit down around 6 ish and just connect each day.  If he is on the road, he continuously checks in around 6, which makes that time of the day I always want to hang out with him, much like that first happy hour, which is even more special to me. 

To make the drink, you need some Irish Whiskey; we use Jameson, a great ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and fresh lime wedges. I use a shot of whiskey and half a lime juice and top it all with ginger beer.  Use those lime wedges for garnish and for extra juice. As my husband does, you can always add different whiskey, but one shot is good for me. They are so fun and festive for today and any time. 

Cheers to one of the best days in my life ... and 30 more years! 

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