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Introducing Audi & Alf ...

I love getting emails or direct messages from small businesses introducing themselves to me.  I am a champion of small business, as I own two myself.  When I get a notification and read their introduction, I check out their products.  Often we aren't a fit for one another for one of many reasons, but when we are, the magic happens. 

That is how I felt when Stephy Gustafson emailed me, introducing me to her business with her sister-in-law, Audrey.  When I arrived at Audi + Alf online shop, I knew we would be fast friends.  This darling hand-watercolored paper goods company is one you will love as well.  From the watercolor art turned into stationery and wrapping paper, their designs and mission are incredible. This Texas-based duo is killing it with their darling products, surprising sister connection (they prefer to leave the in-law off), and their zest for what they do. When I emailed back and said yes, I was met with charm, excitement, and many ideas about working together.  It is with pure joy today that I introduce you to your new favorite company and the women who own Audi + Alf. 

Audrey is the artist behind their beautiful designs, and Stephy is like me, a fellow paper goods addict, who makes all those beautiful designs to paper happen. I love their connection, that they call themselves "sisters," and that they give back to their community.  When you purchase from Audi + Alf, you are helping gift-wrap the thousands of gifts given through "Operation Mrs. Claus" to single moms and their children in Oklahoma.  They want your purchase to help others, something you and they can feel really good about doing. 

When they asked what they could send me, I had difficulty choosing.  My immediate choice was the Hydrangea Dream pattern, as I love hydrangeas.  But I also loved the Cowboy Up print as I don't have a great paper to wrap boy gifts in besides plaids. Locating great prints for a guy is hard to find; they either make them too juvenile or cheesy, but the Cowboy Up print is perfect. Luckily, they sent both, and I immediately used the Hydrangea Dream set to wrap a gift for a dear friend who needed a pick-me-up. As I was putting away my new collections, I realized they gifted me a great and beautiful pattern for the girls in my life and a fun one for the guys.  Since graduation is just around the corner, I will need both and probably need to order more.  They are both very useful and stunning prints I look forward to using repeatedly. 

Stephy was kind enough to share her life and story with me on how they began the business and how their bond was created. You will adore these women, as I do; not only are they creating something beautiful to share with others, they are working tirelessly to give back.  Stephy is living a miracle, and I definitely know something about living a miracle. 💗

First, tell me about both of you, how this adventure began, and what inspired you to start the company. 

I had an earring business for years and loved it but really wanted to do something where I created…also, my husband started buying me diamonds and that quickly got rid of the desire for anything not expensive on my earlobes 🤣! I started Operation Mrs. Claus four Christmases ago, where we take care of families where I grew up. In 4 years, It went from 6 families to 13 families to 83 people to 87 people last year…so LOADS AND LOADS of gift wrapping happened under our roof - Every single gift is WRAPPED; I do not allow gift bags under their trees…so I became the wrapping paper queen!  In June, I decided I officially was going to start a wrapping paper company and asked my sister-in-law, who is an incredible artist, if she would be my artist. She quickly responded she would be my artist and partner. Audrey was already selling on Society 6 and Instagram …so this was a significant next step.  Wrapping so much through the holidays, I was a big stickler on cardstock. We thought of the travelers, the active moms with kids throwing toys, the 92 lbs Labrador moms who find presents in their mouths. 🤣🤣 the key was in the quality!

Would you do anything differently?

I don’t think so, bc we have made every single choice the best we could, and we are very proud of where we are. We will stick with our choices! No redos here!

Share two people who have influenced your journey and why?

Donna Gustafson, our mom [my mom-in-law] - I ask, “What would Donna do” in man scenarios. She is kind, giving, and loving but still bold in her own right. We have struggled to have children, and she has never pushed us once - just been a beacon of prayer, comfort, and love.  The world needs more Donnas.  And my husband, Audrey’s brother. He’s an incredibly hard worker, makes the best connections, and has only had minor complaints about having 5,000 lbs of paper under his roof since October - it all moves next week!  My husband is our “not-so-silent investor,” he’s so proud of his wife and sister.  He’s incredibly successful in his field, and we both hope we make him proud.

What inspires your patterns?

Audrey is an incredible artist.  We have found a big hole in the men’s paper goods world, Audrey’s art has such a beautiful mixture of masculinity and femininity, and it’s in a league of its own. I will go through beautiful mind moments where I hammer text her my ideas, and she takes what she wants and brings them to life with her ideas.  It’s truly magical.

Five must-haves for each of you. 

ICED COFFEE, align Lululemon leggings, flowy dresses, sunshine, and fresh flowers [both of us] Audrey would add an oversized sweatshirt - probably one of her brothers she has stolen.

What would you be doing if I spotted you on a random Saturday?

I wish we had more random Saturdays, but one with nothing going on is random?? Which is one every 8-9 weeks?? Gus and I would wake up, have coffee and explore different Rosses, Home Goods, and Antique Shops…it’s our favorite thing to do! Audrey would probably meet up with us, or we would pick her up earlier than she would like, but we would be happy bc we are all together.

Do you have a favorite print? If so, what is it? 

The favorite print changes, honestly….right now, it’s the pink boot, but this afternoon it might be anything hydrangea…they are all our favorites which is why we have so many choices on our website.

Tell me about the philanthropic aspect of your business. 

I finished my stage 3C cervical and uterine cancer battle on 3.14.22. If they had not found my cancer, I would be dead right now - knowing you have a grave the devil meant for you, God saved you from hits differently. So as long as I’m alive, I will do my best and somehow force everyone else to join in! We donate a LOT to Operation Mrs. Claus - which provides Christmas to single moms in my hometown, or Sand Sprints, OK, at the Sand Springs Family Village, where I grew up with my mom until 5th grade. That’s our main focus for now, but I want to add in single moms battling cancer and fertility struggles! We have a surrogate, and we know not everyone gets that ability - so doing whatever we can to help other good people is our jam.

Anything else you would love to share with me you want my readers to know? 

Every ounce of Audi + Alf is American made & actually made in TX and OK!

Aren't they precious?  You can follow them on Instagram and shop with them online at Audi + Alf.  And you have the ability to win some of their beautiful designs below by entering the giveaway.  I am telling you, these products are even prettier in person and stunning online. 


  1. Thank you for telling us about this beautiful brand. I love supporting small women owned businesses!

  2. These are so beautiful. How wonderful the products are made in the USA, too.

  3. Darling company! I love paper goods, ribbon, note cards, and especially small businesses owned by women. Thanks for introducing me.



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