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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 24

Good morning from sunny Georgia!!! I am thrilled to be back on a schedule, feeling much better, and just starting the week off with a bang.  I have the best post for you today, one of the most popular, six things I bought, loved, and have on my radar. 

First up, this bathing suit.  Every time I show it, I get questions, and every time I say it's my favorite one I own, I buy it repeatedly. It is just so flattering, and the bow is everything. I just checked, and every single color is on sale.  I have pink, navy, and light blue ... I think black is the next one I need. 

Next, this hat.  I have a few hats I live in during the summer months and, most definitely, at the beach.  I am fair and have to watch my face burning, even with sunscreen. This hat is a great one and an excellent price for something you will always wear. The one I am wearing in the photo above is another great one, but it is only available in the smallest sizes.  But there are many amazing ones just like it on the website, so don't miss checking it out. 

I am always hunting for a great white shirt, and this one I just got from Talbots is great.  It is a popover style, has buttons on the back (nonfunctioning ones), and is a great fit.  It also comes in a lavender stripe, which is also so cute.  I loved the white one so much that I grabbed two just in case I get something on the first that doesn't come out. Currently, Talbots is having a sale, and items are 40% off 1 item and 30% off others.  So, it could be $47.70 if you get two pieces.  That is really fantastic

Speaking of classic pieces, I recently bought these shoes. I spotted them one day, ordered them immediately, and they arrived two days later at my door.  I was shocked when I saw the shopping update, and I grabbed them for the classic look.  I love wearing jeans or shorts with a classic shirt and a slide or simple ballet flats.  These are perfectly priced to wear all the time and not worry about scuffing.  They are sized perfectly and super comfortable. 

And these.  I am a big Tretorn fan. They are so comfy, and I need to give my collection some love as I own four pairs.  Maybe five.  I am not buying these, but I adore them, and if you are also a Tretorn fan, I just had to share.  I love the green/yellow; they also come in navy and orange.  Oh, how amazing would these be for an Auburn mom?? 

I am working on graduation gifts for others and our girl, and I have these earrings on a short list for our daughter.  When she turned 18, we did diamond studs that can be exchanged over time, and she has double piercings, so I think these will be perfect to pair with them. Gorjana just opened a location here in Atlanta, and they invited me down to check it out. They have several stunning items, but their acceptable jewelry items are my favorite. I pulled my favorites for you; aren't they all pretty?

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