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The Finished Closet

Two weeks from the day I began, I finished my closet.  I finished it within an hour of my husband returning from his business trip, literally in the nick of time.  I promised myself, and him, that he would not come home to a mess and stuff all over our room, and taking up residence in his closet.  It was close, but I made it happen. To read the plan and understand what I wanted to do, check this post

What began as a "fine" space turned into one I love walking in and "shopping" in each day. That was my goal.  I had way too many clothes shoved into the space, it lacked character, and really needed some organization. I spent three days really purging and reorganizing the clothes I kept and also deciding what I needed to organize so that it would all be available to me.  There were plenty of things tucked behind others and things I needed to part with and better organize and I can not tell you how good it feels that it is done and in pristine condition. 

Some pink paint, a stunning rattan etagere, and carpet I love ... it feels like a store when I open the door each day. I am sharing a number of images and also every single thing I used to make it as organized as it can be.  My sweaters are on the top shelf, but I have a darling blue stool to help me reach all the items on the top shelves.  Moving the bar up on the right side was one of my favorite decisions, it really made a difference in the storage it gave me. 

I hope you love me... I know I am completely smitten!!  

What next??

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  1. OMG it is sooooo pretty!! I love it. My closet is set up exactly like this. Where do you store your jeans/slacks? Folded? Hung? I love all the rattan. Makes me so so happy (and envious). Great job, Paige!!



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