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Things Of Note ...

Happy Monday!!!  We have had a busy few weeks and have two more of the same, with my daughter graduating from high school. Between exams, senior thesis, lacrosse banquet, last day of school, grad parties, and all the logistics, it has been a bit of a whirlwind.  And, it isn't over yet.  This mama is just trying to enjoy it all, not think too much, and embrace it as it comes.  

But ... it is a focus, that is for sure. 

I have some fun things to share today, all of these are on my radar and worth checking out.  I have been making lists like these; maybe I will make it a regular post. How fun, right?

1.  Did you know Vietri had an outlet store online?  I definitely did not, and there are some fantastic deals.  You can shop it here! The outlet has really good items for tabletop, home, garden, and more. 

2.  Have you watched the Michelle Obama interview with Oprah on Netflix?  If you haven't, I suggest making some time to do so.  I loved it and thought Michelle had great advice regarding life, children, marriage, and more.

3.  Ed Sheeran just released a documentary on Disney+, and the trailer hooked me.  I love him as an artist and husband and am excited to watch it. 

4.  While I was perusing the Stubbs & Wooten website recently, I noticed they sell bags they call pockets.  These needlepoint bags are great for makeup, maybe a small needlepoint or supplies, and meds for your purse.  I think they are fabulous!  

5.  Speaking of Stubbs, the spring sale where shoes are 50% off is still happening.  Sadly, every style I wanted was sold out in my size, so I didn't purchase anything, but they have some stunning pieces available.  

6.  I just discovered that J.Crew has its own resale site.  Can you even handle this goodness?  So all of you J.Crew lovers, like me, can shop and see if the item you loved that sold out so fast is back in stock. I recently snagged two purses from the resale site, and the prices are amazing. I love this and hope it continues to grow. I bought a red and blue crossbody for summer and a fun red satchel, and I spent less than $100 in total. This is a great find for all of us who can't get enough of our J.Crew finds. They have sweaters, dresses, bags, jackets, and men's pieces.  Can you tell I am so excited??

7. Now that my needlepoint canvases, designed with Anne Fisher, are starting to show up in the real world stitched, I am dying of excitement.  It is so fun to design something you love, and then when others love it too, it is the most amazing feeling!!  I can't believe I get to work with Anne, design what I love, and stitch it myself while others can do the same.  It is an unreal feeling.  I am so thankful to work with Anne and to create for all of you!!  The canvas above can be snagged here

Also, on the website, check out these scissors and this twilly for your bag.  I just bought one of each, and I can't wait for them to arrive!!

8.  You are lucky if you are a fan of Liberty patterns.  J.Crew has a number of their Liberty prints on sale in the home section.  Think sheets, pillowcases, napkins, tablecloths, and more.  I got some napkins in two patterns and love them.  The quality is incredible, and the prices are really, really good. Most are half what they say below.

Have the best Monday!!  

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