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Hill House Love

I know I have mentioned before that I am a huge fan of the Hill House Nap Dress.  I own a number of them and wear them quite often.  There are a number of reasons I love this dress, the biggest reason is its versatility.  It can be worn a number of ways, is super comfortable, and is just a great all-around dress for the price. Today's blog post is all about this dress, why I think you need one in your closet, and my favorite prints.

First of all, when the dress first came out I did not understand the pull. Yes, it was a cute dress, but why were people flocking in droves to snag one.  For a while, I resisted thinking the whole thing was a bit silly until Hill House released a pattern I really loved.  I pulled the trigger, grabbed one from them, one from eBay and from there the slope was rather slippery. The eBay dress arrived first and after wearing it for two days in a row I knew I was going to love my other dress. They are lightweight, fit beautifully, and yes, you can take a nap in one and still look pulled together after. So, I was sunk.

Fast forward to last year, when I now owned maybe 5 of them and I find out that Hill House is opening a pop-up shop on Nantucket.  While that was fun, the pull for me was the fact that two exclusive patterns were being released and could only be purchased at the store itself.  Luckily I had a friend on the island who lovingly allowed me to speak to a sales associate who took my purchase and had it shipped to me.  Now I am completely sunk. Since then I have also purchased the exclusive Manhattan location dress and have my eye on a print in Palm Beach.  I am telling you, it's a bit of a problem, but in the best way.  I wear these dresses all the time and currently have one packed for a two-day trip. I also wore one on Saturday, and one last week.  So I am definitely purchasing something that is getting a lot of wear. 

Here is my advice to you.  Buy one, try it on, and see if you love it.  I am telling you it will be hard to return the dress.  They are offering 15% off your first purchase, which is a great deal.  If you love it, wear the heck out of it immediately justifying a second dress.  I have purchased two from eBay, as there are a number of people who resell.  Also, this is a great thing as you can resell your dresses for close to what you pay for them if you care for them well. Size down one size as they are generous.  The newer styles have pockets which is just a major win, win, and also have an extra row of smocking for us big chest friends. 

Currently, there are 16 color options plus 4 crepe selections on the website.  I have my eye on three of them, a pink, a red stripe, and a black ... the last two would be great choices for me for Alabama games. The best part is how easy they are to pair with a denim jacket or sweater for colder days.  I just pull on a sweater or sweatshirt and my comfortable dress instantly becomes even better.  Also, they are great to wear with anything from a sneaker to cute evening shoes.  I am telling you, these dresses are epic. 

Have you bought one yet?

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